Data Security

We can trace our involvement in cybersecurity back over 30 years to the early 90's, supplying NATO with their first Data Diode. We developed the first Brent specific fibre modem for use in UK government secure networks. Since then we've been leading the way providing Encryption solutions to both enterprise and defense.

Today, Lanode plays a crucial role in the design, supply and maintenance of both terrestrial and satellite based communications networks.


Public, and private backbone networks are rapidly evolving.  Lanode don't just provide efficient IP connectivity.  We have been experts in the seamless integration of traditional communications with the very latest technologies since 1992.  We provide solutions that interconnect equipment operating from 50 baud up to 40G, interconnecting technologies as diverse as RS485, ISDN, Kilostream, POTS, Ethernet transported over fixed and mobile infrastructures.

Optical Excellence

Optical communications are at the core of Lanode's business.  We design, manufacture and distribute both active and passive optical equipment.  Our experience in high security, and harsh environments means that we have a range of products suited to defence, police and  infrastructure industries.


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