Copper Cabling Tests add-on for Argus Testers


  • AC & DC voltage measurement 
  • Capacitance measurements
  • Isolation resistance measurements
  • Resistive symmetry
  • Loop resistance measurements
  • DC current measurements
  • 1MHz Symmetry measurement (LCL)
  • 1MHz NEXT measurement


The ARGUS® Copper Box is intec's expansion for the ARGUS® 153, ARGUS® 156, ARGUS® 163 and ARGUS® 166 xDSL combi testers. With this USB Box, it is possible to, on the one hand, detect dangerous voltages and currents before they can cause harm and, on the other hand, safely determine the physical characteristics of the line. This lat­ter feature is of particular advantage when it is not possible to synchronize a DSL line or when the data rate achieved on a line is so low that there is reason to suspect that asymmetry (an unbalance), interference or mechanical issues are causing problems on it.

Electrical line measurements

The compact Copper Box is attached to an ARGUS® tester using its USB Host interface. Using the ARGUS's graphical user inter­face, the user can select the Copper Box and quickly and easily perform all the supported measurements.

The ARGUS® Copper Box has three standard banana jacks plus support for an additional connection for customer-specific requirements. To ensure safety in both the lab and the field, the standard jacks are equipped to accept 4 mm shrouded banana plugs.

All of the measurements can be performed as automatic TRG measurements (Tip (a), Ring (b), and Ground) with a high degree of accuracy.

The compact ARGUS® Copper Box weighs just 160 grams and thanks to its high-quality plastic case it can shrug off being dropped as well as most impacts and other mechanical abuse. In spite of its performance and the high voltages that it applies for some measurements, the Copper Box still exhibits an exceptional operating time since it draws its power from the ARGUS® tester's high-powered lithium-ion battery pack.

VDSL Line Test example

The Copper Box was designed with an eye to compatibility so it can be used with a number of testers. As a result, an installation team using a variety of ARGUS® testers can each extend their tester's capabilities using these adapters and all their features.  The unit can be combined with the host tester in a specific shock absorbing rubber jacket.

You can also use your PC to get free updates for the Copper Box quickly and easily.

The standard equipment includes three high quality connection cables and is delivered together with an manual.



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