1G, Single Fibre 1000Base MM Bi-Di 300m

1G BiDi MM 300m




  • Single fibre Bi-Di
  • Multimode 1G
  • Up to 300m on multimode fibre
  • Hot pluggable
  • Digital diagnostics
  • Multi vendor support



The LC1-GE-BS is a 1G bi-directional optical transceiver module for use on a single core of multimode fibre.  The transmitter section utilises a multiple quantum well laser and is  class 1 laser compliant with  IEC-60825. The receiver section uses an integrated InGaAs detector reamplifier (IDP) mounted in an optical header and a limiting post-amplifier IC.  Digital diagnostics functions, as specified in SFF-8472, allow detection of problems before they become critical.  The fully SFP compliant form factor provides hot pluggability, easy optical port upgrades and low EMI emissions.

These SFPs need to be used in upstream/downstream pairs.


For compatibility with any of the following manufacturers' equipment, please use the following codes.

Manufacturer Code Manufacturer Code Manufacturer Code
Addtran A1 Ericsson E1 Juniper J1
Aruba/HP A5 Extreme E5 Lenovo L1
Brocade B1 F5 F5 Netgear N1
Cienna C5 HPE H1 Nokia N5
Cisco C1 Huawei H5 Perle P1
D-Link D1 IBM M5 Ubiquiti U1









Ordering Information

Order Code Description
GE-BSU-Lxx Gigabit single fibre SFP, 1310/1550nm, MM, 300m (xx = manufacturers code)
GE-BSD-Lxx Gigabit single fibre SFP, 1550/1310nm, MM, 300m (xx = manufacturers code)

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