E1/G.703 and Primary Rate Fibre modem




  • G.703 E1 over fibre modem
  • Easy DIP switch configuration
  • Fixed ST, SC optics or SFP
  • Electrical and optical loop back tests
  • RJ-45 120ohm or BNC 75ohm G.703 interface options
  • Can transport Primary Rate ISDN



The FRM220-E1/T1 is a fibre media transport for G.703 E1/T1 transmission designed for point-to-point use. The BNC model provides unbalanced 75 Ohm coaxial E1 connectionswhile the RJ-45 model provides switchable balanced 120 Ohm E1 or 100 Ohm T1 connections over twisted pair wiring. When the FRM220-E1/T1 card is placed in the FRM220 rack with in-band management, the card status, type, version, fiber link status, E1 or T1 link status and alarms for both local card and remote unit can all be displayed.  When set for E1 mode, the FRM220-E1/T1 also supports fractional (structured) E1 when connected to a remote FRM220-Data, synchronous data communications converter. In an E1 transmission network where end connection requires synchronous data communication such as V.35 or RS-530 (X.21, RS-449), these units eliminate the need for an extra CSU/DSU. When placed in a single slot chassis and used standalone without management, the card may be configured by DIP switches.

Typical Application

E1 over fibre




Item Description

Data rate 36.864Mbps
Line coding Scrambled NRZ
Bit Error Rate Less than 10-10
Distance MM 2km, SM 15/30km

Electrical Interface

    E1B: BNC(2) 75 Ω
    E1R: RJ-45(1) 120 Ω
    Data Rate: 2.048Mpbs
    Line Code: HDB3/AMI


Power, FX-Link, E1 SIG, Test, SYN, RD, TD, AIS
Power, FX-Link, E1 SIG, Test(E1B)


220VAC, 6W


(D x W x H) 180×30 ×135 mm.


Operating: 0 ~ 50°C
Storage: -10 ~ 70°C

Ordering Information

Order Code Description
CT-FRM220-E1RSA-SFP G.703/E1 RJ45 fibre modem, Optional SFP
CT-FRM220-E1BSA-SFP G.703/E1 BNC fibre modem, Optional SFP
CT-FRM220-E1RSA-ST02 G.703/E1 RJ45 Fibre modem ST, 2Km, 1310nm, 11dB
CT-FRM220-E1BSA-ST02 G.703/E1 BNC Fibre modem ST, 2Km, 1310nm, 11dB

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