GPON Test Set with PON ID

Argus 163-GS

  • GPON Highlights
     - Modem simulation - ONT / CPE
     - Detection of PON ID
     - PON level check
     - Measure insertion loss to ±0.5dB
     - Automatic Pass / Fail evaluation
  • Integrated xDSL Tester
    - ADSL (ADSL2+)
    - VDSL (Profile 35b)
    - G.Fast (212MHz)
  • Gigabit Ethernet - Both 10/100/1000BaseT and Fibre SFP
  • Measure upload/download speeds with integrated Ookla speedtest
  • Ships complete with test leads, rubber jacket, carry case and car charger
  • Total price £2,745.00 (ex. VAT)


Combined G.984 GPON and xDSL test set

The Argus 163-GS is the perfect tool for the test and commissioning of both GPON networks and copper based xDSL services. Compact, robust and light, the ARGUS 163-GS multifunction measuring device tests interfaces and services rapidly and reliably in a compact, handheld unit. 

Rapid and intuitive GPON testing

The point to multipoint nature of GPON makes commissioning and troubleshooting such a network more complex when compared with traditional xDSL. To facilitate rapid testing the Argus 163-GS is be able to communicate with the OLT and derive not only its transmit power but various other parameters such as its power class and the PON-ID.  Threshold values can be set allowing an engineer to obtain a simple Pass/Fail reading if desired.

The Argus 163-GS incorporates a workflow manager that assists the operator via a series of questions that establishes the PON topology. Data such as the PON location, PON-ID, number of end points, splitters, ONT type, etc. can be ascertained to define a precise measuring sequence that guides the engineer through testing of the entire PON branch.

GPON test and commissioning

The Argus 163-GS is able to generate a detailed report that precisely matches the commissioned PON branch. In addition to determining the attenuation of each end point, the PON-ID that is individually assigned to the PON branch by the OLT can be verified to ensure a match thus avoiding registering multiple different PON branches at once. The Argus 163-GS can also interpret the often highly customer specific PON-ID's and extract important information from them such as the assigned IP address or the port to which the end point is connected. This automated query of job data by the workflow manager is must-have feature. These data complete the handover report and provide baseline measurements prior to IP service roll-out.

Combined xDSL testing

This instrument lets you test G.Fast, VDSL2, ADSL2+ and the physical layer characteristics of the subscriber line with no module changes.  A high-quality, high-performance VDSL/ADSL/G.Fast chipset enables powerful test performance and rapid analysis.

Argus153-SO xDSL Graphs 1

Speed up fault rectification

Carrier class tests make it easy to identify the precise nature of faults and where they originate from. Comprehensive recording of CRC errors, Forward Correction,  Signal to Noise ratio,  Loop Attenuation and the individual Tones assist in communicating any issues to the backbone network provider. A line scope provides an easy to use visual indication of the presence of line noise.

Service Quality Checks

Tests are available at both the physical and  service layers.  HTTP, FTP and Ookla provide industry standard benchmarks of IP performance.  These 'higher' layer tests can be performed directly via GPON or any xDSL interface as well the dedicated Ethernet interfaces; both copper and fibre.


Versatile expansion possibilities also include e. g. TDR, DMM  for copper circuits  as well as WLAN and LTE in wireless.



Technical Notes

GPON Testing: commissioning and maintenance

Fibre is being installed into homes and business around the country at an unprecedented rate. Although current technologies like VDSL2 and can cover current broadband needs, communication providers who want to be ready for the future must continue to invest in modern fibre optic technologies. All major and many smaller network operators are pursuing this route with Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) be adopted as the preferred technology.


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