CWDM Complete solution with 8 Gigabit links


  • Complete CWDM system in a 2U chassis
  • 8 Gigabit Channels over 1 pair of fibres
  • Copper or Fibre customer facing interfaces
  • Channels can be upgraded to 10Gbps
  • Additional CWDM wavelengths can be added
  • Easily integrates into existing infrastructure
  • Simple to configure and manage
  • Utilises industry standard ITU CWDM wavelengths


A fully functioning, ready to go, CWDM system that removes the mystique surrounding wave division multiplexing. This solution combines all the elements needed to seamlessly provide 8 Gigabit links over a pair of singlemode fibres.

Switches and routers can be connected through a variety of interfaces including 1000BaseLX singlemode, 1000BaseSX multimode or 1000BaseT copper providing all round flexibility.

Each channel is transparently multiplexed together ensuring traffic separation whilst providing transport of up to 80km.

System includes:-

  • CWDM Mux/Demux to multiplex wavelengths together for transmission over a pair of singlemode fibres.
  • Transponders to convert standard Ethernet interfaces (copper or fibre) to a CWDM wavelength.
  • SFP's for both client and CWDM side
  • Fibre patch leads to connect to the CWDM Mux/Demux

This whole system has been packaged into an extremely compact 2U 19“ chassis which has 10 free slots for future expansion.

Support for additional protocols such as Fibre Channel or STM1/4 can be simply provisioned by using appropriate SFP's - contact Lanode for further details.

Example Configurations

CWDM Kit 8 x 1GCWDM with Optical Protection



Item Description
Channel count

8 CWDM Channels

Transponder Interfaces

8 x SFP


G.694.2 - 1490nm to 1610nm

Insertion Loss

< 3.0dB

Return Loss



Duplex LC / UPC

Transponder Data Rates

Multi-rate up to 1.25Gbps

LED Indicators


FX-Link 1

FX-Link 2

Power Input

AC-100 -240VAC




303 × 438 × 88 mm (D x W x H)


Operating 0-60C, Storage -10~70C


5%~90% non-condensing


FCC Class A, VCCI Class A, CE

Ordering Information

Order Code Description
LA-8GCWDM-SX-AC CWDM System Starter with 8 x 1000BaseSX Gigabit interfaces - AC
LA-8GCWDM-LX-AC CWDM System Starter with 8 x 1000BaseLX Gigabit interfaces - AC
LA-8GCWDM-T-AC CWDM System Starter with 8 x 1000BaseT GbE interfaces - AC

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