ISDN Fibre Modem




  • Extend ISDN over Fibre
  • Simple DIP switch Configuration
  • Compatible with BRENT
  • Ideal in the Red / Black divide
  • Silent Fanless operation
End of Life



The FRM2-BRI-SA is a fibre optic modem that extends basic rate ISDN interfaces  over multimode fibre optic cabling. The units are ideal for sensitive data applications that require the use of fibre.

Setup couldn't be easier - simply select NT or TE mode on the front panel dip switch.


Item Description
Fibre Interface

Connector Duplex ST (metal)
Wavelength 13010nm
Fibre Type Multimode (50 or 62.5um )

ISDN Interface

Connector RJ45
Standard I.430 ISDN BRI
ISDN Reference S/T

DIP Switches

NT/TE Select
Test mode ON/OFF


(D x W x H) 180×30 ×135 mm.


AC- 100-240VAC.  (FRM-BRI-AC)
DC - 18-72VDC.   (FRM-BRI-DC)

Ordering Information

Order Code Description
FRM-BRI-SA ISDN Modem - AC powered
FRM-BRI-SD ISDN Modem - DC powered

Quick Start Guides

Basic Rate ISDN extension over fibre with the FRM2-BRI

The FRM2-BRI is a fibre optic modem for the transport of a basic rate ISDN service over fibre optic cabling. The unit is simple to configure with only a single DIP switch setting required. The following shows the configuration necessary to extend a basic rate ISDN service. This could be from British Telecom (ISDN2) or from a PBX or other ISDN equipment. The FRM2-BRI closest to the network is configured as a 'TE' and the corresponding unit closest to the end equipment is configured as a 'NT'.

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