Layer 3 Modular Switch - Temperature Hardened


  • Modular Design and Temperature Hardened
  • Static Routing, RIP, OSPF, PIM, DVMRP, VRRP
  • Supports IEEE802.1AE MACsec
  • Redundancy via ERPS, MRP, MSTP, RSTP, STP
  • Timing and Sync  - IEEE 1588 PTP V2
  • EN62368-1, CE, FCC certified
  • Redundant 48VDC, or 110/220VAC power inputs


Temperature hardened, rackmountable layer 3 switch that provides a rich set of dynamic routing protocols coupled with a flexible modular design. The core chassis has 4 fixed 1/10GbE SFP+ ports alongside 3 module slots that provide copper and fibre interfaces with PoE and MACsec. Redundant AC and DC power modules can be provisioned to ensure system reliability and uninterrupted availability. The switch is ideal for smart city, surveillance, intelligent traffic control systems and production automation applications.


Item Description

EEE 802.3 10Base-T 10Mbit/s Ethernet
IEEE 802.3u 100Base-TX, 100Base-FX, Fast Ethernet
IEEE 802.3ab 1000Base-T Gbit/s Ethernet over twisted pair
IEEE 802.3z 1000Base-X Gbit/s Ethernet over Fiber-Optic
IEEE802.3ae 10Gbit/s Ethernet over fiber
IEEE802.3af PoE (Power over Ethernet)
IEEE802.3at PoE+ (Power over Ethernet enhancement)
IEEE 802.1d STP (Spanning Tree Protocol)
IEEE 802.1w RSTP (Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol)
IEEE 802.1s MSTP (Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol)
IEC62439-2 Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP)
ITU-T G.8032 / Y.1344 ERPS (Ethernet Ring Protection Switching)
IEEE 802.1Q Virtual LANs (VLAN)
IEEE 802.1X Port based and MAC based Network Access Control, Authentication
IEEE802.1AE MACsec, Local and metropolitan area networks-Media Access Control (MAC) Security
IEEE 802.3ac Max frame size extended to 1522Bytes
IEEE 802.3ad Link aggregation for parallel links with LACP(Link Aggregation Control Protocol)
IEEE 802.3X Flow control for full duplex
IEEE 802.1ad Stacked VLANs, Q-in-Q
IEEE 802.1p LAN Layer 2 QoS/CoS Protocol for Traffic Prioritization
IEEE 802.1ab Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP)

Layer 3 Routing

Static routing, RIP v1/v2, OSPFv2, DVMRP, PIM-DM, PIM-SM, PIM-SSM

Switching Fabric

128Gbps (Full wire-speed)

Network Interfaces

3 x modular slots + 4x 1000/10GBase-X SFP
8x 10/100/1000Base-T RJ45 module
8x 10/100/1000Base-T RJ45 with IEEE802.3af/at PoE module
8x 100/1000Base-X SFP module
4x 10/100/1000Base-T RJ45 MACsec module
4x 100/1000Base-X SFP MACsec module
PoE: Supports 3x PoE modules - total of 24x PoE ports @ 30W/port, maximum total 720W/per device
All SFP support DDMI
All RJ45 support auto negotiation speed, auto MDI/ MDI-X function


Redundant 2x AC input power (-AA model)
Redundant 1x AC + 1xDC input power (-AD model)
Redundant 2x DC input power (-DD model) AC input power (A) : 110/220VAC (85VAC~264VAC)
IEC320 C-16 type connector DC input power (D) : 48VDC (48~57VDC) Removable Terminal Block

Power Consumption

Maximum 64W@110-220VAC (No PoE)
Maximum 32.7W@48VDC (No PoE)
Maximum 370W for PoE

Operating Temperature

-40 ~ 60°C


340 x 440 x 44mm (Dx W x H)


106,872 Hours (MIL-HDBK-217)


5 years

Ordering Information

Order Code Description
CT-IXR-MG2404XS-AA Industrial Layer 3 s/w, 3 slots, 4 x 1/10GbE, dual AC PSU
CT-IXR-MG2404XS-AD Industrial Layer 3 s/w, 3 slots, 4 x 1/10GbE, 1xAC, 1xDC PSU
CT-IXR-MG2404XS-DD Industrial Layer 3 s/w, 3 slots, 4 x 1/10GbE, dual DC PSU
CT-IRM-8GS Module - 8 x 100/1000BaseX SFP
CT-IRM-8GT Module - 8 x 10/100/1000BaseT RJ45
CT-IRM-8GP Module - 8 x 10/100/1000BaseT RJ45 PoE
CT-IRM-4GS-SEC Module - 4 x 100/1000BaseX SFP MACsec
CT-IRM-4GT-SEC Module - 4 x 10/100/1000BaseT RJ45 MACsec

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