xDSL and Triple Play combi tester



Comprehensive ADSL, VDSL, ISDN(BR and PRI),  Ethernet and POTS tester

  •     VDSL, ADSL, ISDN, POTS  and Ethernet tester
  •     VDSL Super Vectoring and profile 35b supported
  •     ADSL Annex A+B+J,+L+M; INP, SRA
  •     Ethernet and Triple Play tests



The ARGUS 145 PLUS is a universal xDSL+Ethernet+ISDN+Triple Play test set that meets the highest technical demands. It is the only handheld tester and analyzer to integrate all interfaces for VDSL2 (all profiles), ADSL (Annex A+B+J+L+M) and SHDSL (2-, 4-, 6- and 8-wire), Ethernet, ISDN PRI/E1/BRI S/T/U and POTS in a single device  without having to swap modules.

Copper tests (Cu tests) for physical line qualification without synchronization with the receiver are included in the base unit. Using a spectrum analysis (DMT Analysis), the powerspectral density (PSD) and noise can also be measured.  Additional tests may be performed using the optional "Copper Box".

The ARGUS 145 PLUS is also extremely easy to use. It has got a large (320 x 240 pixels) colour display, uses softkeys and has not only a USB client but also a USB host interface.  The tester is equipped with a powerful, field replaceable Lithium-Ion battery pack to provide long operation times.


Item Description

•2 x RJ-45 jacks for xDSL, copper, ISDN and POTS
•1 x Ethernet (10/100 Base-T) , RJ-45 management port
•1 x Ethernet (100 BT), RJ-45 test port
•USB client interface (type mini B)
•USB host interface (type A)
•Headset jack (TRS 2.5 mm, approx. 3/32‘‘)

Environmental conditions

•Operating temperature: 0 °C (+32 °F) up to +50 °C (+122 °F)
•Storing temperature: -20 °C (-4 °F) up to +60 °C (+140 °F)
•Relative humidity: up to 95 %, non-condensing


Size: H x W x D: 235 x 97 x 65 mm (9.25 x 3.8 x 2.56 in)
Weight: approx. 810 g (1.79 lbs) - incl. battery pack

Ordering Information

Order Code Description
ARGUS-145-ADSL Argus-145 with ADSL Package (Annex A, L, M)
ARGUS-145-VDSL Argus-145 with VDSL Package

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