10G Network Tester



The industry's widest range of interfaces in a single test set

  • GPON and FTTx
  • xDSL - G.Fast, VDSL2, ADSL2+ & SHDSL
  • 1/2.5/10Gbps Ethernet
  • Copper tests and TDR with spectrum analyser
  • Ookla Speed tests
  • Integrated WiFi
  • RFC2544 and Y.1564 service level assurance
  • VoIP and IPTV commissioning tools
  • OTDR, and Fibrescope options


Argus 300 - 10G Broadband Tester
The Argus 300 all in one test set delivers unparalleled performance for the test and qualification of major broadband technologies. Its wide range of inbuilt interfaces ensures it can meet future demands as your network expands.

Broadband Interfaces
The Argus 300 reliably tests all broadband interfaces, from GPON and G.fast (106 + 212 MHz) to super Vectoring, bonding, ADSL2+, VDSL2 and up to 8 wire SHDSL. It's also equipped with 1, 2.5 & 10Gbps Ethernet interfaces on both copper and fibre. Additional interfaces allow testing of WiFi, ISDN (PRI & BRI), POTS and bare copper circuits with TDR and spectrum analyser. Throughput and service level assurance can be ascertained with tools such as Ookla speedtest, RFC2544 and Y.1564.  VoIP and IPTV services can be tested to ensure correct operation and compliance.

Modern Design
Its robust design combines the requirements of a compact hand-held device with the performance of a high end tester. The Argus 300 uses a touch-screen display, enables intuitive navigation of the familiar Argus menu structure. Thanks to the use of numerous graphical elements, the GUI makes this sophisticated multi-function tester as easy to use as a smartphone. An innovative internal help guides engineers and supports the rapid, reliable interpretation of test results.

Digital Fibre Inspection
The Fibre Inspection Scope is a digital video microscope for the Argus 300. It simply connects via USB to provide end face inspection that identifies scratches and defects on optical fibres. The captured video image is automatically analyzed and the number of defects and scratches is displayed in a summary table by zone (core, cladding, adhesive, contact). This scope provides an automatic pass/fail criteria that enables quick and efficient testing.

Digital Fibre Inspection Scope - Endface analysis

Integrated WiFi
Integrated WiFi enables the Argus 300 to communicate with its environment directly – a PC link is no longer required. Once integrated in your job management system, the Argus 300 marks the advent of a new generation of broadband testing.

Technical Notes

GPON Testing: commissioning and maintenance

Fibre is being installed into homes and business around the country at an unprecedented rate. Although current technologies like VDSL2 and G.fast can cover current broadband needs, communication providers who want to be ready for the future must continue to invest in modern fibre optic technologies. All major and many smaller network operators are pursuing this route with Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) be adopted as the preferred technology.

OTDR measurements in the last mile

... An OTDR suitable for PON troubleshooting should therefore support at least two wavelengths: one of the above mentioned commonly used wavelengths (e.g. 1310nm) if the network or the section to be measured is out of service; and a second wavelength that allows interference free in service measurements, which is particularly important if the technician does not have access to both ends of the fibre. The latter should have the greatest possible ...

Argus 300 firmware update

1. Download firmware 3.30 from this URL-


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