ISDN U and S-Bus access tester



The Argus 3u is a basic rate ISDN tester with S-Bus and U-Bus interfaces.  Options include voice (POTS) testing and NT (Exchange) simulation.

ARGUS®3u Series - The U interface function
• U interface in accordance with ETR 80 / ANSI T1.601
• Line coding: 4B3T or 2B1Q, RJ 45 with 150 Ohm
• Automatic U interface detection
• Test in TE mode at U interface same as at S/T
• Measurement of U interface voltage incl.OK evaluation
• Endurance testing (up to 1200 mW incl. U/I measurement)
• High-Z monitor with non-intrusive listen-to on U interface (qoud vide) POTS

ARGUS®3u Series - Basic copper cable testing function
• Impedance measurement (loop) - accuracy: ~ 10%
- Measurement range: 100 Ohm ... 20k Ohm
- Resolution: <1k: +/- 10 Ohm, >1k: +/- 100 Ohm
• Capacity measuremt (open) - accuracy: ~ 10%
- Measurment range: 1nF ... 1μF
- Resolution: 1nF ... 1μF +/- 1/10 nF

ARGUS®3u Series - The POTS interface function
• Automatic detection of POTS interface
• POTS telephone function with DTMF and pulse dial mode
• Flash function (40-1000 ms)
• Loop resistance: 400 Ohm
• POTS voltage measurement incl. polarity (on-hook and off-hook)
• CLIP and other caller ID services in acc. ETS 300 659/778
• Supports display FSK and DTMF caller ID
• Adjustable DTMF signal level, signal and intervall length
• High-Z monitor with non instrusive listen-to on POTS)
- Measurement of voltage incl. polarity (up to 300 V)
- Online display of CLIP, date, time,... caller ID services
- Online display of DTMF dailing tones incl. A, B, C, D, *, #
• Works as receiver for tone generators


Item Description
Power Supply

Power Supply: Alternatively supplied by ISDN BRI, rechargeable batteries (AA) or power supply
• Discharging protection of accumulators
• Lifetime: 15-33h (POTS, BRI) depends on type of rechargeable battery
• Keypad: 16-keys, 2 cursor keys, 3 softkeys
• LC-Display: 4 lines with 16 character each, backlighted
• 5 LEDs to indicate status (ISDN-Layer 1-2-3, PC trace, Power Supply)


30 mm W 72 mm D : H 230mm


395gr (without rechargeable batteries)


Operating temperature: 0° - +50 ° C; Storing temperature: -15° - +70°;  Relative Humidity: Up to 95 %.

CE marking

Complies with CE directives:-
• RoHS conformance
• User safety: EN 61010-1, EN 60950

Standard package for each model

Tester incl. rechargeable batteries, access cable (BRI and U interface), manual

Additional equipment (available for each model)

WINanalyse PC software (ASN.1 D-channel decoding for Windows 95, 98 ,NT , 2000, ME, XP)
- Remote-Kit: convenient control of the tester using a PC
- Headset
- BRI-128kBERT
- Calibration certification
- Copper cable testing function
- ARGUS car charger

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IN-ARGUS-3u ISDN access tester series

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