100M Data Diode fibre in, copper out



Originally developed for military applications our data diodes are now used extensively across multiple industry sectors to protect sensitive networks as part of a comprehensive cyber security strategy.

  • Hardware based Diode with no return path guarantees one way transmission.
  • No memory, buffers, firmware or other vulnerabilities that may be exploited.
  • Independent power supplies for high and low security sides.
  • Tamper proof casing.
  • Available with ST or SC connectors and single or multimode fibre.
  • Ideal for UDP traffic

Technical Notes

Configuring ARP for use across Data Diodes

Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) is a protocol used to ascertain the hardware address or Media Access Control (MAC) address from an IP address. Typically a sending station knows the destination IP that they wish to send to but does not the MAC address.  Before communication between the 2 hosts can occur an ARP request is sent to discover the destination MAC address.  The ARP request is directed to the destination IP address using a MAC broadcast address FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF.  All devices on the subnet receive this broadcast but only the destination with the correct IP address will respond.


Item Description

IEEE 802.3u



100 Mbps


Operating: 0° to 50°C

Storage: -20° to 70°C


Operating:  10% to 80% RH

Storage:  5% to 90% RH


US21 CFR (J)

EN 60825-1

UL 1950

EN 60950: Pending


D x W x H  127mm x 203mm  x 44mm



Ordering Information

Order Code Description
CF-21-USD 100BaseFx (SC,mm) to 100BaseTx Fibre to Copper diode
CF-22-USD 100BaseFx (ST,mm) to 100BaseTx Fibre to Copper diode
CF-91-USD 100BaseFx (SC,sm) to 100BaseTx Fibre to Copper diode
CF-92-USD 100BaseFx (ST,sm) to 100BaseTx Fibre to Copper diode

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