Managed Gigabit Copper to fibre patching hub



Managed 18 port Gigabit copper to fibre patching hub/converter rack in 1u 19" rackmount.  Accepts standard SFPs.

  • Web, Telnet, SNMP, Console Management
  • Fully transparent Layer 2 wire-speed conversion
  • Supports SFP DDMI
  • Ingress/Egress bandwidth control
  • Jumbo frame packets up 16k bytes


 The FMC-1800 is a 1U high 19" rack mountable device that features 18 completely independent and isolated Gigabit Ethernet fiber media converters concentrated into a single 1RU 'pizza box' unit.

Managed Gigabit patching hub

The 18-channel managed Gigabit Ethernet Media Converter Rack, FMC-1800 converts Ethernet copper 100/1000Base-TX to SFPs working at 100Mbps or 1000Mbps. FMC-1800 can connect to any RJ-45 Ethernet switch and supports any third-party standard SFP module from any SFP vendor. With different kinds of fibre optic media, both multi-mode and single mode fibre are available as well as BiDi which allows bi-directional transmissions using only a single fibre to extend the distance of Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet networks. With SNMP and Web-based management, the administrator can monitor, configure and control the activity of FMC-1800 remotely.


Advanced Management
Advanced Web Management

All settings of the media converters may be managed through any of the available management interfaces. A local serial COM port (via a convenient USB-C® connector) allows management from terminal emulation and an easy-to-use menu system.

With TCP/IP based network management, the FMC-1800 may be managed via Telnet (menu system), HTTP Web GUI, or SNMP. The SNMP agent is compliant with the SNMPv1/v2C standards.

The FMC-1800 allows up to four (4) SNMP managers to manage the device. Each entry must set a 'community string', the IP address of the manager and the permission of either read/write (get/set) or read only (get).


The FMC-1800 may incorporate redundant power supplies in any combination of AC and DC. When the unit is ordered with two supplies, they provide power redundancy. The supplies, depending on the model, derive power from either an AC power source (100 ~ 240VAC) and/or DC power source (36-60VDC). The copper Ethernet and fiber SFP cages are all located on the front face, along with status indicator LEDs. The status LED indicators provide for quick indications of both copper and fiber link statuses and fault detection.

Gigabit patching hub front panel


Lifetime Support

This product comes with free lifetime telephone support.

Data Sheet

Ordering Information

Order Code Description
CT-FMC1800AC 18 Port 1000BaseTx to Fibre SFP managed converter AC
CT-FMC1800DC 18 Port 1000BaseTx to Fibre SFP managed converter DC
CT-FMC1800AC-DC 18 Port 1000BaseTx to Fibre SFP managed converter AC & DC

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