Converts E1 carrier from coaxial to CAT5 cable


  • G.703 Coax to Twisted Pair
  • Converts electrical signals that are balanced to signals that are unbalanced and vice versa.
  • Changes impedance of twisted pair's 120 ohm to coaxial's 75 ohm.
  • Converts an E1 carrier signal from coaxial cable to UTP CAT-5 cable.


Item Description
Data rate


Unbalanced interface

75 ohm impedance, 2xBNC

Balanced interface

120 ohm impedance, 1xRJ-45

Insection loss

0.2dB (2Mbps)

Return loss

-29dB (2Mpbs)


Balun-B2/S , Balun-B2/S-254 x 44 x 25 mm (W x D x H)

Balun-B1 56 x 22 x 21mm (D x W x H)

Balun-P/S, Balun-P/S-222 x 224 x 21mm (W x D x H)


Balun-B2/S , Balun-B2/S-2 35g

Balun-B1 65g

Balun-P/S , Balun-P/S-2 45g


ITU G.703 standard pulse

Operating Temperture

0 ~ 75°C

Ordering Information

Order Code Description
CT-Balun-P/S One BNC box typeRJ45 Shielded - 1xBNC/MRJ45 PIN ASSIGNMENT: P4(+) / P5(-)
CT-Balun-B2/S Two BNC box typeRJ45 Shielded - 2xBNC/FRJ45 PIN ASSIGNMENT: P1(+) / P2(-) , P4(+) / P5(-)

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