Serial Data (X21, RS530, RS232, V35) Fibre optic Modem



Standalone X.21 or RS530 fibre optic modem that supports n x 64 or clear 2Mbps.  Suitable for up to 2km multimode links.

  • Multiprotocol Data Interface - X.21, RS530, RS232, RS449 and V.35
  • Multi and Singlemode options
  • Selectable n x 64kbps data rate to 2.048Mbps
  • Supports both synchronous and asynchronous operation
  • Flexible clocking options for internal, recovered and external timing
  • Supplied with UK Mains adapter


The FIB1-DATA and DATA/H are fibre optic modems for sync and async serial data. The FIB1-DATA supports n x 64kbps rates up to 2.048Mbps and the 'H' model up to 8.192Mbps.  A multiprotocol serial interface supporting X.21, RS232, RS530, RS449 or V.35 can be accommodated via the supplied adapter cable and both multi and singlemode optical interfaces are available. The FIB1-DATA is simply configured via onboard DIP switches or when located in the FRM301 rack can be managed via serial console or SNMP.

X21 over fibre
FIB1-DATA with RS530/232 cable


Flexible clocking arrangements can be achieved.  The unit may be used in DCE or DTE modes.   Clock sources may be internal, external or recovered from the fibre.

When the FRM301-DATA card is placed in the FRM301 rack with SNMP management, in-band management allows viewing the card and remote converter's status, type, version, fiber link status, data link status and alarms. Both card and remote can be configured to enable or disable the port, reset the port, set the data rate, modify the clock mode, and initiate local or far end loop back tests. The FRM301-Data converter may also be paired with the FRM301-E1 for 2048K transmissions.


Item Description
Serial Interface

Female, High Density DB26 - ships with adapter cable for
X21, RS530, RS449, RS232, V35

Optical Interface

Multimode - 2km

Data Rates

Low speed - 75 to 115,200bps
High Speed n x 64kbps (n =1 to 32)
For 'H' models speeds up to 8.192Mbps

Clock Modes

Internal, Recovery, External
RC, TC, ETC normal or inverted

LED Indicators

Power, FX Link, TD, RD, RTS, CTS, DCD and Test


DC 9V ships with External AC/DC Power Supply

Power Consumption


Dimensions (D x W x H)

FIB1: 123 x 86 x 20mm FIB2: 192 x 86 x 30mm




0~50°C (Operating) ,0~70°C (Storage)


10~90% non-condensing



Ordering Information

Order Code Description
FIB1-X21-ST02 X21 Fibre Optic Modem, Multimode, 2km, ST, External AC PSU

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