4E1/T1 +3x FE Fibre Multiplexer


Fibre Multiplexer
  • 4xE1 + Fast Ethernet multi-service to dual strand fibre PDH multiplexer.
  • Provides E1 transmission transparently and pure 100Mbps Fast Ethernet simultaneously.
  • Allows the flexible use of Multimode or Single mode lines and enables support for different wavelengths and distances.
  • Optional AC and DC power supplies for redundant operation.
  • Supports Digital Diagnostics Monitoring Interface (DDMI)


Spec Text

Framing: Unframed (transparent)
Bit Rate: E1:2.048 Mb/s , T1: 1.544Mb/s
Line Code: E1:AMI/HDB3, T1: AMI/B8ZS
Line Impedance:
E1: Unbalanced 75 ohms (BNC)
E1: Balanced 120 ohms (RJ-45)
T1: Balanced 120 ohms (RJ-45)
Receiver sensitivity: Short haul
Jitter Performance: According to ITU-T G.823
Standard: ITU-T G.644, G.703, G.704, G.706 and G.732
Interface Connectors: RJ-45, BNC
Test Loops: LLB (Local Loop Back)
RLB (Remote Loop Back)
RRLB (Request Remote Loop Back)

Optical Interface

Bandwidth in optical Line: 155 Mbps
Optical Connector: LC (SFP module)
Distance: 20/40/80 Km
Optical Wavelength:
1310nm, 1550nm,
WDM Tx1310/Rx1550nm (Type A),
WDM Tx1550/Rx1310nm (Type B)


Interface Type: 10/100Base-TX
Connector: 3x RJ-45
Standard: IEEE 802.3, 802.3u
Duplex modes: full/half


FX1 Link, FX2 link , E1/T1 Mode/Link/Loopback test,
Order wire phone indicator , LAN Link/Speed

Power Input

AC : 100~240VAC, DC : 18-75 VDC


248 x 215 x 43mm (D x W x H)


0 ~ 50°C (Operating)


-10 ~ 20°C (Storage)


10 ~ 90% non-condensing


CE, FCC, RoHS compliant


75,000 hrs

Ordering Information

Order Code Description
CT-FMUX04E-AC Standalone FOM with built-in AC Power. Optional SNMP
CT-FMUX04E-DC Standalone FOM with built-in DC Power. Optional SNMP
CT-FMUX04E-AD Standalone FOM with built-in (AC+DC) Power. Optional SNMP
CT-FMUX04E-SNMP SNMP management card, support web, telnet, SNMP function

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