4Gbps 3R Multi-rate Transponder - Dual Channel



Dual channel transponder for speeds up to 4.45Gbps

  • 4 SFP slots - use as dual channel transponder or  an optical protection switch
  • Transmission of various protocols - 1G Ethernet, STM-16, OC-24, OC48 , Fibre Channel 1/2/4, OBSAI, CPRI
  • Suitable as a repeater for transmission over extended distances
  • Protocol Transparent 3R fibre Media Transponder / Repeater
  • Can operate in managed or unmanaged environment
  • Supports 1+1 Optical Line Protection, switching time <50ms
  • Supports 2 channels with differing bit rates



The FRM220-4G-3R is a dual channel, multi-rate (up to 4.25Gbps), 3R optical regeneration device. The "3R" consists of Re-amplification, Re-shaping and Re-timing. The transponder card converts a data signal to the correct wavelength for transmission on a specific channel by supporting SFP optics on both line side and client side interfaces. When the FRM220-4G-3R card is placed in the FRM220 rack with SNMP management, the user can view the converter card's status, type, version, fibre link status and alarms. The card can be configured to enable or disable ports, reset ports, provide diagnostic loopbacks, and set the desired data rate.

The four fibre ports can provide either dual transponder or 1+1 optical protection functions. Automatic optical line Protection Switching is supported for the aggregate fibre port.

Multi-Protocol support

Multi protocol transponder for CWDM DWDM systems

This card is specifically designed for popular protocols that support speed up to 4.25Gbps. They include SONET, SDH, Ethernet, OBSAI, CPRI, and Fibre Channel, SDI.

Management options

The FRM220-4G-3R provides three methods of management.

1.    Stand-alone - simple DIP settings
2.    Stand-alone - with serial console, menu driven, overrides DIP    settings
3.    Rack - When placed in NMC managed rack, all other settings are overridden by the NMC management.

The FRM220-4G-3R has an on-board 8 pole DIP Switch which can be used to configure the device for stand-alone operation when non-managed. When placed in a stand-alone chassis with DB9 console port, these devices also support a text based serial terminal with an easy to use menu system for configuration. When used in a managed chassis, the card is configured and monitored through the chassis NMC(network management controller) via console, Telnet, Web HTTP or SNMP.


Item Description
Optical Interface

Connector LC (SFP)
Wavelength CWDM 1271 ~ 1611nm; DWDM 1529.5~1565.50nm

Operation mode

Dual channel mode : Ch 1 SFP1 line / SFP2 client.
Ch2 SFP3 line/ SFP4 client.
Protection mode : SFP1 line / SFP2, SFP3 client


SONET OC-12, OC-24, OC-48
Ethernet 1G
OBSAI OBSAI x1, x2, x4
CPRI CPRI x1, x2, x4, x5
Fibre Channel 1/ 2/4G FC


Re-Amplification, Re-Shaping, Re-Timing


LED Power, System, Mode, Test, FX1 Link,
FX2 Link, FX3 Link, FX4 Link


Input 12V / 1A
Consumption < 8W


Dimensions Card: 155 x 20.8 x 88mm (D x W x H)
Weight 150g


Operating Temperature 0 ~ 50°C
Storage Temperature -10 ~ 70°C
Humidity 10 ~ 90%
Certification CE, FCC MTBF 65000 hrs

Ordering Information

Order Code Description
CT-FRM220-4G-3R 2 Channels 4Gbps 3R Multi-rate transponder card (optional SFP)

More Information

Chassis and mounting options for the FRM220 family.

AC and DC power options available.  See individual products for further details.

1 Slot standalone chassis for ISDN, voice or data modules, AC or DC
1 Slot chassis with DB9 console port for Ethernet, voice or serial cards
2 Slot Ethernet, ISDN and serial chassis with console port
2 Slot chassis manageable via NMC card
4 slot Ethernet, ISDN and serial chassis, 1U
8 Slot multi service rack, 1U
20 Slot multi function chassis with Ethernet, serial and ISDN, 2u
20 Slot Ethernet aggregation rack, 2u