Multiservice Access Multiplexer (4.5U)


  • Time Division Multiplexer for fractional E1 network access, which is designed for non-stop operation.
  • Supports MAX. 96xE1 with full cross-connect, Supports DS0 cross-connect
  • Supports 16 channel Main E1 LTU card
  • Supports E1 time slot broadcast function
  • Modular design for Voice I/O card, the voice I/O card has two sub-module, each sub-module supports 4-port FXO/FXS
  • All modules and cards support hot-swapping
  • DCE card types included N x 64K, RS232(Sync/Async), ET100,E&M, FXO, FXS...etc.
  • Supports Console, Telnet, SNMP and GUI management
  • Available types of power built-in : AC+AC, AC+DC, DC+DC
  • Modular design, 5U 19”, 18-slot for I/O cards


Spec Text

Interface 10/100Base-TX Ethernet RJ45 port
Console RS232
E1 Cross Connect 144xE1 Transparent cross connect , Supports E1 time slot mapping / broadcast function
CAS Cross Connect Supports 16 time slot CAS follow voice time cross connect


Interface Supports 1-port STM-1 155M SFP Slot on CPU card,
CPU redundancy (1+1)
NMC 10/100Base-TX
Console RS232
E1 Cross Connect 155M fiber to 63E1 and 144xE1 cross connect, supports E1 /time slot mapping/broadcast function
CAS Cross Connect Supports time slot 16 CAS follow voice time cross connect
STM-1/E1 Drop/Insert Supports STM-1 63E1 x 32TS to E1/IO slot 128E1 x 32TS connection


Interface Supports 8E1/16E1 interface
Line Impedance 120 / 75 ohms
Frame format CAS (PCM30)/CCS (PCM31)
Connector RJ45


Data rate ≤38.4kbps Async or 64/128kbps Sync
Ports 6-port
Interface RS232


Interface types V.35
Connector HD68F (female) with cable adapter
Line code NRZ
Data rate Nx64kbps


Standards IEEE 802.3, 802.3u
Data rate 10/100Mbp
Encapsulation HDLC
Ports 4-port
Connector RJ45


Loop current 25 mA, maximum 70mA
Ports 8-port
Connector RJ45


ITU-T Standard G.712/G.713/G.714
Line resistance 600Ω
Off-hook current 25mA
Line distance 2km
Ports 8-port
On-hook current 10mA+/-3mA
Effective Ring Frequency: 25Hz, Voltage: 75V, peak to peak110V
MAX line resistance: 1500Ω
Connector RJ45


ITU-T Standard G.712, G.713, G.714
Line resistance 600Ω
Line distance 2km
Ports 8-ports
Caller ID Supports DTMF, FSK Standard


350 × 440 × 187 mm (D x W x H)


 0~60°C Storage:-25~70°C




AC 220V : 165~265V, 50~60Hz, DC -48V:-36~-72VDC

Power Consumption

< 90W

Ordering Information

Order Code Description
CT-ISAP5100-CH 5U 19'' 20 slot Chassis, power modules not included (18-slot for I/O cards, 2-slot for CPU card)
CT-ISAP5100/AC AC Power plug-in module (165 to 265 VAC)
CT-ISAP5100/DC DC Power plug-in module (±36 to ±76 VDC)
CT-ISAP-EMS EverLink2000 EMS software for iSAP5100 and iSAP2000
CT-ISAP-8E1R 8 channels Main-E1 LTU card: Fractional E1 RJ45
CT-ISAP-16E1R 16 channels Main-E1 LTU card: Fractional E1 RJ45
CT-ISAP-CAB-RJ45/4BNC 2ch E1 RJ45 to 4BNC cable (1.5 m)
CT-ISAP5100-MS-DM-96 CPU card with console, SNMP management port
CT-ISAP5100-MS-DM-155 CPU card with console, SNMP mangement port and STM1 fibre port
CT-ISAP-FXO 8 channels FXO interface card
CT-ISAP-FXS 8 channels FXS interface card
CT-ISAP-E&M 8 channels 2/4 wires E&M voice interface card
CT-ISAP-RS232 6 channels RS-232 interface card (V4.0), Low speed: 128kbps 19.2kbps Async
CT-CAB-DB62DB25F6-232-LS RS-232 adapter cable for low speed: DB62 Male to 6x DB25 Female, 1M
CT-ISAP-ET100 4 channels 10/100Base-TX Ethernet Bridge card
CT-ISAP-DATA 4 channels V.35/X.21/RS530/RS449 cards
CT-CAB-HP68MB34F4-V35 V35 adapter cable for High speed: HP68 Male to 4x MB34 Female, 1M
CT-CAB-HP68DB25F4-530 RS530 adapter cable for High Speed: HP68 Male to 4x DB25 Female, 1M
CT-CAB-HP68DB15F4-X.21 X21 adapter cable for High speed: HP68 Male to 4x DB15 Female, 1M
CT-CAB-HP68DB37F4-449 RS449 adapter cable for High Speed: HP68 Male to 4x DB37 Female, 1M

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