Duplex to Bidirectional (BiDi) Optical Converter


  • Convert any duplex optic to single fibre transmission
  • Passive operation, no power required
  • Protocol transparent
  • Connect to active and passive optical interfaces
  • No data rate limitation


The OPC range provide a quick and simple means to convert 'standard' duplex fibre interfaces into a bidirectional single fibre interface.

Duplex fibre interfaces utilise 2 cores of fibre. One dedicated for the transmit direction the other for the receive. The OPC range combines these 2 directions and allows them to reside on a single core of fibre, This efficiency means valuable fibre can be freed up or only half as much fibre needs to be installed.

The OPC range are completely passive requiring no power. They are transparent to speed and protocol and can be used with virtually any singlemode optic. The OPC range provide a simple flexible means to free up valuable fibre infrastructure enabling any organisation to make efficient use of their cabling systems.

duplex dual fibre to single fibre bidi bidirectional converter





Item Description
Operating Wavelength

OPC-1300 - 1263 to 1378nm
OPC-1400 - 1383 to 1498nm
OPC-1500 - 1503 to 1618nm

Operating Temperature

-5 to +85C

Storage Temperature

-40 to +85C

Fibre Type



95.9 x 84.2 x 22mm



Ordering Information

Order Code Description
CT-OPC-1300 Duplex to BiDi Converter (For wavelengths between - 1263 to 1378nm)
CT-OPC-1400 Duplex to BiDi Converter (For wavelengths between - 1383 to 1498nm)
CT-OPC-1500 Duplex to BiDi Converter (For wavelengths between - 1503 to 1618nm)

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