G.SHDSL.bis ATM EFM Router (2/4/8wires)


  • Provides multi-rate 2-wire / 5.7Mbps or 4-wire / 11.4Mbps and 8-wire / 22.78Mbps payload rates over existing single or two pair copper wire
  • Can be configured in either central or client mode providing a point-to-point solution
  • Allows customers to leverage the latest in broadband technologies to meet their growing data communication needs
  • Supports Ethernet over ATM over SHDSL
  • Adaptive rate installation maximises data rate based on loop conditions
  • Standard ITU G.991.2 (2004) supports improved reach, speed and interoperability compared to conventional G.SHDSL
  • Supports point-to-point configurations
  • Local management interface via console port
  • SNMP management with SNMPv1/v2 and MIB II
  • Build-in advanced SPI firewall (Firewall routers)
  • Efficient IP routing and transparent learning bridge to support broadband Internet services
  • DMZ host/Multi-DMZ/Multi-NAT; multiple PCs on a LAN with only one IP address
  • PPPoA and PPPoE support user authentication with PAP/CHAP/MSCHAP
  • Supports firmware upgrade via web interface
  • EFM (Ethernet in the First Mile) bonding per IEEE 802.3-2005;2/4-wire bonding for HDLC per G991.2


Item Description

WAN SHDSL.bis: ITU-T G.991.2 (2004) Annex A/B/F/G
Support EFM Bonding and SHDSL M-Pair mode
Line Code: TC-PAM 16/32/64/128
Data Rate:
N × 64 Kpbs (N=3~89) using TC-PAM 16/32
Max. 5.696Mbps (1-Pair)
Max. 11.392Mbps (2-Pair)
Max. 22.78Mbps (4-Pair)
N × 64 Kbps (N=3~239) using TC-PAM 64/128
Max. 15.296 Mbps (1-Pair)
Max. 30.592 Mbps (2-Pair)
Max. 61.184Mbps (4-Pair)
Impedance: 135 ohms
LAN RJ-45 × 4-Ports 10/100 Base-T Ethernet ports

Serial Console

RS-232(Female) Connector


Power: (Green)
WAN: LINK/ACT (Green), one LED per pair
LAN (Port 1 ~ Port 4): LINK/ACT (Green:100M, Orange:10M)
ALARM: (Red)


Support G.991.2 / G994.1 standards
TC-PAM line modulation
Configurable as either server or client mode
OAM IEEE 802.3 chapter 57 compliant
IEEE 802.3 2BASE-TL (aka 802.3ah) compliant
Rate negotiating / Manually rate adaptation configuration
Connection Loops: 1 pair (2 wires)
Support IPoE
Support PPPoE

Routing/ Bridge Support

IP (RFC 791) routing is supported
TCP, UDP, ICMP, IGMP v1 and v2, ARP, RIP v1, RIP v2, OSPF,
Transparent bridging (IEEE 802.1D)
PPP BCP (RFC 3185) support
IGMP snooping

ATM Support

Multiple protocols over AAL5 (RFC1483) (Not support
Only 1 PVC

EFM Support

EFM mode compliant to IEEE 802.3
PPP over Ethernet (RFC2516)
Support of OAMPDU information and functionality
( ITU-TY.1731)

EFM Support

OAMPDU Event Notification, Variable Request, Variable
Response, Loopback Control
VLAN base QOS (802.1P/Q), Priority Queue

Internet Access Sharing

NAT (includes multi-to-multi NAT) / SUA, 8192 NAT sessions
Port restricted cone NAT
SIP ALG pass-through
NAT server (Port forwarding)
Dynamic DNS
DHCP server/client/relay


User Authentication (PAP, CHAP) with PPP (RFC 1334, RFC
Microsoft CHAP
Stateful packet inspection firewall
Content filter
Prevent Denial of service
Access control of service
Real-time attack alert and log

Network Management

Web-based Configuration, Command-line interface
Password-protected Telnet support
SNMP MIB I /MIB II support
TFTP & FTP firmware upgrade and configuration backup
Dying Gasp


IPSec VPN support, 10 VPN tunnels
IKE/ Manual Key, DES/ 3DES/ AES Encryption
MD5/ SHA1 Authentication, FQDN
NETBIOS pass-through for IPSec, IPSec VPN keep-alive
IPSec NAT Traversal

Ordering Information

Order Code Description
CT-SHDTU04BF-ET10RS 4-Port 10/100Base-TX ATM Bridge / Router w/Firewall (2-wire 5.7Mbps)
CT-SHDTU04BAF-ET10RS 4-Port 10/100Base-TX ATM Bridge / Router w/Firewall (4-wire 11.4Mbps)
CT-SHDTU04BCF-ET10RS 4-Port 10/100Base-TX ATM Bridge / Router w/Firewall (8-wire 22.78Mbps)

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