EN50155 Switches for Rail, Metro and Transport Applications




EN50155 Ethernet Switches


The ITP series of Ethernet switches are certified to EN50155. This internationally recognised standard particularly addresses the deployment of electronic equipment on rolling stock for railway applications. However the ITP range are equally well suited for use in any harsh environment. The ITP Ethernet switches are vibration and shock resistant and provide stable and reliable operation for mission-critical applications. The ITP Ethernet switches employ the M12 rugged connector and the whole switch is enclosed in an IP67 rated housing which provides excellent protection against the ingress of dust, oil and water.

  • IP67 ConstructionEN50155 Ethernet Switch Environments


EN50155 Ethernet Switch Railway Deployment
  • Embedded Resilience
    EN50155 - Resilient Bypass

Where the ITP Ethernet switches have two copper trunk interfaces that provide an automatic bypass function in the event of power loss, particularly useful in daisy chain or linear topologies. When a power failure occurs the bypass functions activate, effectively joining the 2 interfaces together, bypassing the power failure and maintaining connectivity between neighboring equipment.


  • EN51055 Ethernet Switches (with PoE support)
  • Redundant dual power inputsEN51055 PoE Switch
  • Regulated voltage at 55VDC for PoE/PoE+
  • Advanced PoE management, PoE PD Auto check/reset, PoE on/off weekly scheduling
  • IEEE1588 V2 PTP support
  • SmartCon?gTM for quick & easy mass con?guration & deployment
  • SNMP, Web, Telnet, CLI
EN51055 Ethernet PoE Switch feature table


  • EN51055 Ethernet Switches (non PoE)
  • Redundant dual power inputsEN50155 Ethernet Switch
  • u-Ring (up-to 5 rings) for redundancy cabling
  • IEEE1588 V2 PTP support
  • SmartCon?gTM for quick & easy mass con?guration
  • SmartViewTM for centralized management
  • SNMP, Web, Telnet, CLI


EN50155 Ethernet Switch Non PoE feature table