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Lanode has a strong history of working with all 3 services and we're proud to provide ongoing support to a wide variety of operational systems.

Over the years have provided innovative solutions to complex networking problems, often involving the transmission of sensitive data.

We have a range of fibre optic equipment, commonly deployed in the red/black divide, including specialist fibre modems for analog voice, ISDN, X.21 & RS530, E1  as well as Ethernet.

Another area of increased interest in the sector has been the necessity to transport legacy ISDN, serial and E1 interfaces over modern IP based networks. Our FRM2-BRI/ST2 is an ISDN over fibre modem that enables basic rate ISDN interfaces to be extended over multimode fibre optic cabling while our PacketBand-ISDN range of products is unique as it delivers clear/transparent switched ISDN “B” channels across packet networks such as in this example so any type of traffic can be transported, including video conferencing, encryptors, codecs, faxes, modems and of course voice. See here for a further example of a KVM over Fibre solution implemented in a Defence establishment.

The DataBand CSI and ISU range connect high speed serial data devices together using multiple ISDN calls, in effect dialling a high-speed “leased line” between non-ISDN devices. Our BRENT Converter is based on the Liberator "S" Platform and all features on the Liberator “S” are available on the BRENT Converter. BRENT can be troublesome and difficult to interoperate with non-UK ISDN services but the Brent Converter assists in overcoming these issues as it's been designed to simplify BRENT installations and to provide a more cost effective, reliable and manageable solution for applications where multiple BRENTs are required (for videoconferencing, for example).

Reflecting Lanode's capability in developing secure systems, we offer a range of Uni-Directional Data Security Diodes. These network devices ensure data can only travel in one direction and are commonly used to provide connections between networks of differing security classifications. The range includes a Fast Ethernet converter.