Visual Fault Locator - Red Light Pen for fibre fault finding


  • Red light 650nm visual fault locator
  • Continuous mode and Blink mode facilitates cable tracing
  • 2.5mm tip accepts ST, SC and FC
  • Aluminium alloy body with stainless steel head
  • Supplied with 2 x AA batteries



The ST816B Visual Fault Locator is specially designed to allow quick and efficient maintenance of fibre optic networks and can be used for tracing and continuity checks allowing rapid identification of specific fibres.

The ST816B emits a bright 650nm light that will 'leak' through broken, cracked and damaged fibres. Micro bends where the fibre has been pinched as well as macro bends where the bend radius has been exceeded can be easily identified helping to quickly fault find any fibre infrastructure.

The ST816B is available in 3 different power levels, 1mW (5km), 10mW(10km) and 25mW(20km) and can be used on both multi and singlemode fibre. The pen is equipped with a 2.5mm Universal Connector for both single-mode and multi-mode ST, SC, and FC Interface Fiber Optic cables.  The unit is constructed with an aluminium body and a stainless steel head with integrated dust cover.


Item Description
Output Power

1mW        ST816B-1
10mW      ST816B-10
25mW     ST816B-25



Light source

LD laser


2.5mm universal adapter

Working mode

Continuous Wave or 2Hz modulation


Operating:    -10+60 °C
Storage:        -20+70 °C


2 x  AA batteries

Ordering Information

Order Code Description
ST816B-1 Visual Fault Locator 1 mW (5km)
ST816B-10 Visual Fault Locator 10 mW (10km)
ST816B-25 Visual Fault Locator 25 mW (20km)

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