Air Traffic Management - CNS Transport System


  • Provides transport of both Ethernet and non-Ethernet interfaces
  • Ethernet support for Radar Asterix, VoIP ED137 and system monitoring
  • Proven ED137B & C VoIP operation for multiple ground/air radios
  • Simultaneous transmission of multiple legacy ground/air radios (4 Wire E&M)
  • Serial support for nav aids and radar (X.21/RS422/RS485 & RS232)
  • Dual power feeds to minimise single point of failure - 86-264Vac and/or 18-72Vdc
  • 30dB minimum optical power budget for distances up to 60km


The FT-1240CNS multiplexer provides interconnection of voice & data and is ideally suited for Control Tower to Airfield Nav Aid applications involving primary and secondary radar, Instrument Landing Systems, navigational beacons, receivers/transmitters and ground lighting systems.

The multiplexer has the ability to aggregate many different services and provide transmission and backhaul over a fibre optic infrastructure. Both modern Ethernet and legacy analog voice and serial data interfaces are provided in a single 1U 19" rackmountable platform.  The FT-1240CNS is provisioned with 2 independent power supplies that can accommodate both AC and DC inputs to provide maximum resiliency.


The FT-1240CNS fibre optic multiplexer provides transport for a variety of voice and data interfaces.

  • Dual 10/100Mbps Ethernet implemented as two independent links.
  • High speed serial n x 64kbps to 2.048Mbps - X.21, RS422 or RS485
  • 8 x RS232 / V.24 interfaces - Async to 38.4kbps and Sync to 64kbps - Full Flow control DSR/DTR, CTS/RTS & DCD
  • 8 x 4 wire Audio 3400Hz + E&M signalling. phantom earth signalling and -50Vdc.
  • 8 x Volt Free Relays
  • Dual power feeds 86-264Vac & 18-72Vdc
  • Multi and singlemode fibre options


Item Description
User ports

8  RS232, Async to 38K4, Sync to 64K
4/8 E&M Voice
2  X.21/6 RS422
0/8 Relay I/O

Trunk port

Guaranteed 30dB power budget

LED Indicators

Optical Rx
Full Duplex Operation
Optical Rx Power Level
Master (M) or Slave (S)


Temp: 0C to +60C Operating
Humidity: 90%RH to 50
C, 80% RH non condensing 30 to 50C


435mm x 195mm x 44mm

Power Consumption

20W Max

Ordering Information

Order Code Description
FT-1240-3FL5-RS ATM CNS - 1U Base Unit, 8 Relay, 4 voice, Singlemode
FT-1240-3FL5-CS ATM CNS - 1U Base Unit, 8 voice, Singlemode
FT-1240-3FL5-RS2F ATM CNS - 1U Base Unit, 8 Relay, 4 voice, 2 LAN, Singlemode

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