Gigabit Data Diode fibre in, fibre out


Fibre Optic Data Diode
  • Guaranteed one way transmission
  • 1Gbps wirespeed throughput
  • Totally hardware based
  • Independent power supplies for both High and Low side.
  • Tamper proof casing
  • No vulnerable software, firmware, memory or buffers that may otherwise be exploited.


Security at its heart

Guaranteed to ensure data can physically flow in one direction only

Unidirectional data diodes provide defence against a broad range of external, cross domain and insider cyber threats that traditional security appliances are just not capable of dealing with. Data diodes stand guard between domains where unrestricted two- way communications increase the risk of penetration, malicious attack and data loss

Diode diagram

The GF-55SD is a Gigabit Ethernet data diode that ensures one way data transmission. A totally hardware based solution, the GF-xxSD is a Layer 1 device with fibre optic interfaces on both the high and low sides. The GF-xxSD operates at full 1Gbps wire speed for optimal performance. Desktop or rack-mountable the GF-55SD takes data security to new levels.

Careful consideration has been given to preventing any form of side channels being introduced. Independent circuitry for high and low sides are each powered by dual power supplies to provide both separation and resilience. All casings are tamper proof and EMI/RF screened.

Protection of Critical Infrastructure

  • Oil and Gas
  • Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution
  • Water & Wastewater
  • Financial Services
  • Transport - Road, Rail and Sea

Data diodes provide protection for these networks. By allowing exfiltration of data from a wide range of devices whilst protecting those devices from outside attack.

Data Diode SCADA

Protection of senstive information

  • Central and Local Government
  • Healthcare
  • Financial Services
  • Military & National Security
  • Commercial Enterprise

Data diodes protect sensitive information by enabling data to be submitted to a network (eg Patient records, Tax receipts, intellectual property, etc) but not allowing an outflow of data in the opposing direction.

Data Diodes - Protecting sensitive data



Item Description

IEEE 802.3u



1000 Mbps


Twin 100 ~ 240 VAC Auto-ranging wall-mount;
Twin 9 - 48 VDC input plus Terminal Block option


Operating: 0° to 50°C

Storage: -20° to 70°C


Operating:  10% to 80% RH

Storage:  5% to 90% RH


FCC Part 15 of Class B


US21 CFR (J)

EN 60825-1

UL 1950

EN 60950: Pending


(D x W x H)  127mm x 203mm  x 44mm



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Order Code Description
GF-55SD 2 x 1000BASE-SX (Multi-mode) Local User ports

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