The sector is under enormous pressure right now to cut costs and make savings wherever possible. We've been helping Local Government for almost 20 years to save thousands in their networking costs – for example Phil Lewis at Devon County Council commented "I'd just like to put on the record our appreciation of the recent work by the Lanode team". Such savings are being realised through our Next generation SDSL modems for Local Government.

The Tahoe 681 and Tahoe 682 modems take advantage of the latest G.shdsl technology providing unprecedented possibilities for copper leased lines. For example a pair of Tahoe 682s enables the inter-connection of 2 LANs over standard telephone cabling at speeds of up to 11.4 Mbps. All that's required is an EPS-8 circuit from BT and you can have an 'always on' multi-megabit pipe to your remote locations. The table below shows the potential savings you can make using our Tahoe solution when compared with the expense of a 'full blown' leased line from BT.

Cost comparisons (Example)



EPS-8 *

10Mbps Leased line**


% Saving

Initial Connection





Annual Rental





2 x Tahoe 682's





End of Year 1





Subsequent Years





* Each Tahoe 682 is £750

* * Leased line is a BT EES-10LR

Some local authorities have achieved even greater throughput of over 20 Mbps by using the Tahoe 684 or the Tahoe DSL Access Multiplexer which is a perfect solution for those requiring concentration of a high number of DSL lines in a small space.

Such benefits are also being realised by many local FE & Sixth Form colleges such as West Cheshire College and Luton Sixth Form College, where Dave Nash, IT Manager said - "It's reassuring to have such competence and co-operation around, especially when things get a little tricky. Lanode is important to Luton Sixth Form College as product supplier as well as for installation projects. Simple or complex, you always come up with the goods."

Another area of direct relevance to Local Government is TDM over IP which is the emulation of time-division multiplexing (TDM) over a packet switched network (PSN). As you may already know TDM refers to a T1, E1, T3, or E3 signal, while the PSN is based either on IP or MPLS or on raw Ethernet. One critical issue in implementing TDM over IP is clock recovery. We provide a comprehensive range of highly-featured clock-locked professional TDM over IP products, known as PacketBand, which deliver very high quality clocked E1, T1, V.35 and X.21/V.11 services and they are all designed and manufactured in the UK.

The PacketBand range from Lanode enables the integration of legacy equipment into modern IP networks. PacketBand allows E1 and serial based devices to communicate over Ethernet / IP networks. Commonly used to inter-connect PBX's together the PacketBand is simple to configure and provides prioritised transport for all types of voice and data applications.

Built on a rich history of innovation and a reputation based on field proven performance and reliability, the Actelis Networks’ Ethernet over Copper aggregation switches, access devices, and repeaters enable network operators to get more high performance, reliable bandwidth to more places. By doing it over copper using the EFMplus suite of transmission technologies, we also do it quicker and at much lower cost. Actelis makes both G.SHDSL and DMT (VDSL2)-based EFM over Copper solutions, as well as ADSL and VDSL Broadband Amplifiers (the VBA and ABA). These BBAs enable delivering higher speed access to residential subscribers by enhancing the performance of any vendor’s DSLAMs.

Finally the University of Essex wanted to extend a number of analog telephone handsets over existing fibre optic cabling and the UMUX solution provided by Lanode met the exact requirement.