Handheld OTDR with Touchscreen


  • 4.3"  Touch Screen
  • Intuitive interface
        Automatic, Expert or Event Map modes of operation
  • One key OTDR testing.
  • Optical Power Meter
  • Visual Fault Locator
  • Results in standard SOR format
  • Real Time mode


The OTDR100 represents a new generation of affordable and full featured optical testers.  Combining the functions of an Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR), an Optical Power Meter (OPM) and a Visual Fault Locator (VFL) the OTDR100 provides a whole suite of tools to troubleshoot a fibre network all in a single handheld device.  Housed in a protective rubber case, the unit is rugged, lightweight and extremely portable.

OTDR graphical trace
Graphical trace


The OTDR100 is used to ascertain the integrity of a fibre cable. Easy to use functions measure the optical loss whilst also alerting the operator to various events detected across its length such as connector end faces, splices, splitters and other potential defects in the fibre.  A single button "Auto Test" can be used to carry out a full OTDR test and produce a test report which can be saved in standard SOR format.  A manual test is also available, where the engineer can have full control over parameters such as pulse width [3 nS - 20 uS] and wavelength.


OTDR Intelligent Event Map
Event Map


Widely used in testing and commissioning of FTTx, backbone and campus networks the OTDR100 has an intuitive 4.3" touchscreen interface that facilitates ease of use to ensure rapid results are returned on its full colour screen.  Two markers can be dragged to any position on the trace to allow measurements to be made for any section of the fibre cable.  The Event Map gives a quick visual indication of all connections, splitters and line termination.


OTDR Optical Power Meter
Optical Power Meter



Each unit is supplied complete with a protective carrying case, mains charger and a USB data/charging cable.


Item Description
Reflection Accuracy


Refractive Index


Sample Resolution


Loss Threshold


Loss Resolution


Sample Points




Event Blind Zone


ATT Blind Zone


Test Ranges


Pulse Width



FC/UPC  and SC/APC (others available)

Ordering Information

Order Code Description
OTDR100F-A 1310/1550 Singlemode Handheld OTDR, 24/22dB
OTDR100F-B 1310/1550 Singlemode Handheld OTDR, 32/30dB
OTDR100F-C 1625nm Singlemode Handheld OTDR, 22dB
OTDR100F-D 1650nm Singlemode Handheld OTDR, 22dB
OTDR100F-E 850/1300 Multimode Handheld OTDR, 22/24dB

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