DIN Rail Ethernet to RS232/485 serial server/Modbus gateway

Mport 3101R




  • RS-232/RS-485 serial interface up to 2kV surge protection
  • Up to 6kV lightning protection on Ethernet interface
  • Modbus RTU/ASCII to Modbus TCP conversion
  • VirtualCOM software management
  • Din Rail installation


The Mport3101R is a serial data over IP device which provides data transmission between Ethernet and serial port (RS-232/RS-485).  It converts serial devices in the field of industrial automation to the communication format of the Ethernet network, so that RS-232/RS-485 devices that were previously unable to access the Internet can be easily and flexibly linked to the network.

These may be used in pairs to establish a physical serial across an Ethernet IP network, and they may also be used with virtual COM port drivers to provide remote RS232/485 ports for computer systems. 

When used in a Modbus environment, they will act as a gateway between Modbus RTU/Ascii and Modbus TCP.  A pre-fetch feature can be enabled to dramatically improve network performance.

This series of products is based on the powerful 32-bit ARM Cortex-M7 main control CPU.

DIN rail Ethernet to RS232/485

Technical Notes

Modbus Notes

Modbus TCP / RTU integration

Since its inception in 1979 Modbus has become a widely used communication protocol in the field of industrial automation. Originally based on serial interfaces (RS232 and RS485) Modbus RTU enjoys widespread use throughout many different industries. Since then Ethernet has become the network of choice and many industrial devices now have native Ethernet interfaces.

Ordering Information

Order Code Description
MW3101R DIN Rail Ethernet to RS232/485 serial server

Quick Start Guides

Mport - Quickest way to connect 2 serial devices over Ethernet

The Mport range of serial devices servers have a mode of operation that allows very quick provisioning of 2 units to create a serial tunnel over an Ethernet network.

This 'Pair Connection Mode' is easy to setup.

On one Mport configure its mode of operation to be 'Pair Connection Master'

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