Wireless Serial extender

Mport 3101W



  • RS-232/485/422 to Wi-Fi/Ethernet
  • Use with existing WiFi, or in pairs
  • 802.11 b/g/n standard Access Point, Client, or AP+Client mode
  • NTP network automatic time adjustment
  • System log, remote log, local log
  • Static routing, PPPoE, DHCP, static IP and AUTO-IP
  • SNMP and email alerts
  • Modbus to TCP gateway


The Mport3101-W provides a simple solution for connecting both serial and Ethernet devices to a wireless network.  Using Wifi reduces the amount of cabling required to provide connectivity to those hard to reach areas.

The Mport3101-W's serial interface can be configured in a variety of ways; TCP/UDP, VirtualCOM and Pair connect modes, the Mport3101-W can also act as a Modbus TCP/RTU gateway. Serial data can be encrypted using industry standard ciphers (AES, RC5 & Blowfish) to provide protection for sensitive traffic. Simple to set-up via its intuitive web based management the Mport3101-W has a wide operating temperature ensuring it'll fit into most industrial applications
The Mport3101-W can simultaneously operate in infrastructure and Ad-hoc modes allowing both an extension of existing WiFi networks whilst also enabling users to seamlessly roam across multiple access points.

Supports serial-to-Wi-Fi, serial-to-Ethernet, and Ethernet-to-Wi-Fi functions, and can convert serial (RS-232/485/422) into TCP/IP network interface, making The serial device can easily and quickly connect to the TCP/IP network, realizing the interconnection and intercommunication between the serial and the TCP/IP network.

Wireless Serial server

Technical Notes

Modbus Notes

Modbus TCP / RTU integration

Since its inception in 1979 Modbus has become a widely used communication protocol in the field of industrial automation. Originally based on serial interfaces (RS232 and RS485) Modbus RTU enjoys widespread use throughout many different industries. Since then Ethernet has become the network of choice and many industrial devices now have native Ethernet interfaces.

Data Sheet

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Order Code Description
MW-3101W 1-Port Server RS232/422/485 with Wi-Fi

Quick Start Guides

Mport - Quickest way to connect 2 serial devices over Ethernet

The Mport range of serial devices servers have a mode of operation that allows very quick provisioning of 2 units to create a serial tunnel over an Ethernet network.

This 'Pair Connection Mode' is easy to setup.

On one Mport configure its mode of operation to be 'Pair Connection Master'

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