Wireless Serial extender

Mport 3101W



  • RS-232/485/422 to Wi-Fi/Ethernet
  • Use with existing WiFi, or in pairs
  • 802.11 b/g/n standard Access Point, Client, or AP+Client mode
  • NTP network automatic time adjustment
  • System log, remote log, local log
  • Static routing, PPPoE, DHCP, static IP and AUTO-IP
  • SNMP and email alerts
  • Modbus to TCP gateway


The Mport3101-W provides a simple solution for connecting both serial and Ethernet devices to a wireless network.  Using Wifi reduces the amount of cabling required to provide connectivity to those hard to reach areas.

The Mport3101-W's serial interface can be configured in a variety of ways; TCP/UDP, VirtualCOM and Pair connect modes, the Mport3101-W can also act as a Modbus TCP/RTU gateway. Serial data can be encrypted using industry standard ciphers (AES, RC5 & Blowfish) to provide protection for sensitive traffic. Simple to set-up via its intuitive web based management the Mport3101-W has a wide operating temperature ensuring it'll fit into most industrial applications
The Mport3101-W can simultaneously operate in infrastructure and Ad-hoc modes allowing both an extension of existing WiFi networks whilst also enabling users to seamlessly roam across multiple access points.

Supports serial-to-Wi-Fi, serial-to-Ethernet, and Ethernet-to-Wi-Fi functions, and can convert serial (RS-232/485/422) into TCP/IP network interface, making The serial device can easily and quickly connect to the TCP/IP network, realizing the interconnection and intercommunication between the serial and the TCP/IP network.

Wireless Serial server

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Order Code Description
MW-3101W 1-Port Server RS232/422/485 with Wi-Fi

Quick Start Guides

Mport - Quickest way to connect 2 serial devices over Ethernet

The Mport range of serial devices servers have a mode of operation that allows very quick provisioning of 2 units to create a serial tunnel over an Ethernet network.

This 'Pair Connection Mode' is easy to setup.

On one Mport configure its mode of operation to be 'Pair Connection Master'

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