4 Port serial RS232/RS485 server with Modbus gateway

Mport 3104




  • 4  RS232/485 Serial ports
  • 6kV lightning protection on Ethernet interface
  • Provides Modbus RTU/ASCII to Modbus TCP conversion
  • VirtualCOM software management
  • DC power supply DC9 ~ 36V


The Mport3104 is designed for serial devices that require centralized monitoring over a network. It supports 4 serial connections at speeds between 600 and 460,800bps.  The serial ports may be individually set to RS232 or RS485.  The security of data transmission becomes more and more important when a large number of serial devices are connected to the network. The Mport3104 provides encryption to ensure the secure and stable networking of serial devices. Mport 3104 serial networking server is a terminal server with one 10/100M Ethernet port and four asynchronous serial ports.

Serial Server Drawing








Ordering Information

Order Code Description
MW-3104 4 Port serial server with Modbus Gateway

Quick Start Guides

Mport - Quickest way to connect 2 serial devices over Ethernet

The Mport range of serial devices servers have a mode of operation that allows very quick provisioning of 2 units to create a serial tunnel over an Ethernet network.

This 'Pair Connection Mode' is easy to setup.

On one Mport configure its mode of operation to be 'Pair Connection Master'

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