2/4 wire G.SHDSL Modem - E1 G.703 and X.21


  • Ascom/Keymile 2320kbps G.SHDSL modem
  • Extend E1 and/or X21 over telephone grade cabling
  • Ethernet 10BaseT interface option
  • 2 or 4 wire operation
  • Simple configuration via console port
  • Supports both AC and DC power inputs


The Ascom/Keymile MUSIC 200 enables high quality, reliable and secure connections over ordinary telephone grade cabling. The MUSIC 200 provides transmission of both E1 (G.703/704) and X.21 services over long lengths of copper for point-to-point connectivity. An Ethernet 10BaseT bridge interface is also available allowing seamless connection of geographically dispersed LAN's.

These G.SHDSL modems can be used in pairs or via the appropriate line card (LESx8 or SLID1/2, etc) within a UMUX subrack.



Item Description
Line Interface

G.SHDSL (G.991.1)  PAM16
Max Rate 2320kbps
RJ45 Socket

Network Interface

E1 G.703 120ohm RJ45
X.21 DB15 Female
Ethernet - 10BaseT RJ45


AC:  230V
DC:  -36 to -72V


223 x 159 x 41mm


>42 years at 25C

Ordering Information

Order Code Description
AS-M200-E1/X21-AD 2/4 wire G.SHDSL Modem for E1 and X21 - AC & DC PSU
AS-M200-E1/ETH-AD 2/4 wire G.SHDSL Modem for E1 and Ethernet - AC & DC PSU

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