2 Port serial server and Modbus gateway

Mport 3102



  • Rugged metal enclosure for DIN Rail or Wall mounting
  • Combines functions of serial device server and ModBus gateway
  • Easily integrate serial RS232/422/485 devices into your network
  • Configurable via built in Web Server
  • Flexible modes of operation :-
    • TCP Client/Server, UDP, Virtual COM, Modbus RTU/ASCII & TCP, HTTPd



The Mport3102  is an Ethernet terminal server with 2 serial ports, an RS-232 and an RS-485/RS422 port.   These units may be used in pairs to provide direct transmission of  serial interfaces across an IP network.   The serial ports can operate at speeds from 600bps  to 460,800bps.  They may also be used individually to communicate with remote equipment using standard protocols for applications such remote console access.  RealCom and Virtual COM compatibility means that communications with a PC is simple to establish.  Lanode Technical Support will be very happy to guide you through the process.

Setup is very simple using the web browser interface.  Advanced features include a MODBUS gateway and watchdog timers.  An AC adapter is provided, or the unit may be powered via a wide ranging DC power input.

Serial Server Drawing




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MW-3102 2 Port serial server and Modbus gateway

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