2 Port CANbus Opto isolated Ethernet Server





  • 1x100M Ethernet RJ45 port + 2 CAN-BUS serial ports
  • Ethernet interface up to 6kV lightning protection
  • CAN interfaces up to 4kV surge protection
  • -40℃~+85℃ working temperature


CAN bus is a message-based protocol designed to allow the Electronic Control Units (ECUs) found mainly in cars and other devices, to communicate with each other in a reliable manner.  The MW-CAN200 Ethernet CAN Server provides 1 100M Ethernet copper port and 2 CAN-bus interfaces for networking. It uses the powerful 32-bit Arm Cortex-M7 core CPU at up to 400MHz.  The CAN interfaces can be configured for different modes and baud rates.  CAN devices are typically sensors, actuators, and other control devices. 

The MW-CAN200 has an external independent hardware watchdog designed to prevent crashes.  It features 6kV lightning protection on its Ethernet interface and 4kV surge protection on the CAN interfaces.  It is DC powered with a 9~36V input, with anti-reverse connection protection, and has a wide operating temperature range of -40℃~+85℃


HTTPD Client Mode
The MW-CAN200 may be configured to submit data received by the CAN port to a HTTP server.  If the HTTP server has data to send, the CAN server will transmit the HTTP body data to the CAN port.

HTTP Client Mode


WebSocket Client function
This function is the CAN server acts as a WebSocket Client, and transmits the data received by the CAN port to the WebSocket server in hexadecimal format, and the WebSocket server can also send data to the CAN port device at any time (the network side must follow the CAN protocol send data).



CAN200 Drawing




Ordering Information

Order Code Description
MW-CAN200 2 Port CAN-bus to 1-way10/100M Ethernet CAN server, DC9~36V

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