ISDN Switch & Converter for BRENT applications


  • The Brent Liberator operates as a completely flexible PRI/BRI ISDN switch
  • Provides additional functions to support Brent applications
  • 'B' Channel reservation for multi Brent video conferencing
  • Call Connect Delay for Brent in networks with high latency - ie SatCom applications
  • Can be configured as an ISDN splitter, sharer or concentrator for effective distribution of Brent ISDN services
  • Connects to ISDN networks and / or local ISDN devices
  • Full cross-connection between any / all ‘B’ channels
  • Full configuration of call routing for incoming / outgoing numbers
  • Dynamic re-directing of calls if destinations unavailable
  • BRIs can be set for ETSI (Euro-ISDN) or ANSI (US-ISDN) - Use Brent in non Euro locations
  • The intuitive DbLite GUI enables fast and simple configuration.


Item Description

ISDN PRI: 2 or 4 ports RJ45
ISDN BRI: 16 Ports S/T RJ45

Ethernet - 1 x 10/100BaseT for management

Serial - 1 x serial console for local management


Interfaces pairs PRI21 and PRI22 and PRI23 and PRI 24 are Power-Failure Relay protected as standard.
Interfaces will be connected together using relays in the event of power failure. This forms a metallic path PRI between the two ports.


Width 11.5” (292 mm); Depth: 7.86” (200 mm); Height: 1.73” (44 mm)


Operating 0 – 55 °C; Humidity 10-90% non-condensing; Natural convection cooling

Regulatory Compliance

ACA TS001:1997


1 Year

Ordering Information

Order Code Description
NE-BNTLIB-4P16B-AC Brent Liberator - 4 x PRI & 16 x BRI - AC PSU
NE-BNTLIB-2P16B-AC Brent Liberator - 2 x PRI & 16 x BRI - AC PSU
NE-BNTLIB-0P16B-AC Brent Liberator - 16 x BRI - AC PSU

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