Argus 260 Firmware Upgrade Procedure

1. Download firmware 3.30 from this URL-
2. Open downloaded .zip file and take out the firmware file suffixed .BI5
3. Power on Argus 260 tester (connect the mains adapter too)
4. Once booted, press the 'menu' key (3 parallel lines on it)
5. Scroll down to firmware update and press the 'tick' key
6. Using the USB cabled supplied with Argus 260 connect the testers USB-B port to the PC
7. Once connected the Argus 260 should appear as a new drive
8. Navigate to the 'firmware' folder and copy the .BI5 file into this folder.
9. Disconnect the USB cable.
10. The Argus 260 should now detect this new firmware and ask if you want to 'Start update?'
11. Using the Right Hand function key select 'Yes'
12. The update should now begin. Once complete the Argus 260 should reboot and the new
firmware version of v3.30.00 should be displayed at the top of the screen.