CWDM Simplified

CWDM made simple


Lanode, a specialist provider of fibre optic equipment, are pleased to announce their latest offering in WDM technologies. The CWDM starter kit aims to eliminate the mystique surrounding CWDM by combining all the elements required to provide 8 Gigabit Ethernet channels in a compact 2U package.


Historically each Gigabit link would have resided on its own pair of fibres and if more links were required further fibre pairs would be utilised. By using CWDM it's possible to combine multiple Gigabit channels across only 1 pair. Each channel operates on its own wavelength ensuring uncontended isolation from others.

Lanode's starter kit provides all the components required to transport 8 Gigabit links. The platform combines not only the multiplexer but also 8 individual transponders and all the SFPs required to provide a simple plug and go solution. The only user interaction required is to connect the mux up to the fibre infrastructure and plug in their Gigabit equipment.

The starter kit also has ample expansion capabilities. A further 7 additional Gigabit channels can be easily provisioned, doubling the capacity of the system by simply inserting more line cards into the chassis.

What's more, when the time's right to move from 1Gbps to 10Gbps all that's required is the insertion of our 10Gbps transponder card. The system happily supports a mix of 1Gbps and 10Gbps allowing a smooth upgrade path to 10Gbps Ethernet if/when necessary.

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