GPON testing added to Intec's Argus range



Intec have launched a new upgrade for existing users of the Argus 163 and 166 testers to cater for the growth in Passive Optical Networking.

GPON testing is now available for all current ARGUS testers equipped with an SFP interface.  Customers can upgrade their tester by the simple addition of the GPON SFP proving both basic and full installation tests.

The basic test enables a guided measurement sequence and automatic OK/Fail result.  The target attenuation can be entered as threshold value.  The PON level check is a quick test for 1 fibre without any additional inputs. There is no need to register with the OLT.

The full GPON Installation test is used to validate a complete PON installation of up to 128 end points.  The target attenuation and the number of fibres to be measured may be pre-determined and the tester then works like an assistant.  Individual tails may be re-tested and the results updated.  If temporarily stored measurements are loaded, a direct re-entry into the measured value acquisition is possible.

Stored test results can be copied e.g. to a USB stick, transferred via FTP to a central repository or locally via WiFi to your smart phone.


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