ICT Product of the Year - 2022


Intec's ARGUS 300 has taken first place for the second time in a row in the "ICT Product of the Year 2022" vote of the German trade magazine Funkschau, once again beating many competitors.
Market studies show that there is enormous growth potential in the expansion of fibre optics in the coming years. To meet these new challenges, Intec have developed the ARGUS 300 with a unique variety of combinations. This combines both basic measurements over fibre and high-performance performance tests as well as triple play tests (Data, VoIP and IPTV), and this even via conventional interfaces if desired.
As a fibre optic tester, the ARGUS 300 can be used not only for level measurement and ONT simulation in passive optical networks (PON, XGS-PON), but also for fault detection as an OTDR and as a device for measuring optical losses.
When it comes to verifying the promised speeds over the installed lines, the ARGUS 300 offers you a wide range of performance tests, such as the Ookla speed test or RFC 6349 with iperf. If point-to-point connections are to be measured, the powerful hardware up to 10 Gbit/s also performs traffic generator and loop tests according to RFC2544 or Y.1564.
With these and many other options, the ARGUS 300 is up to any challenge and offers a great image not only when installing a line, but also during maintenance and troubleshooting.


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