Lanode launch new 10G Ethernet Multiplexer

10G Ethernet Multiplexer

Jan 15, 2021

Lanode Ltd, a specialist provider of fibre optic equipment, are today pleased to announce the latest addition to their comprehensive range of fibre otpic transmission products.  The FRM220-TM-10GMux is a 7 x 1GE to 10Gbps Ethernet multiplexer.  Derived from TDM technology the Ethernet multiplexer has the capability to aggregate up to 7 x 1Gbps Ethernet streams and multiplex these together on to a single 10Gbps carrier.

Ethernet Multiplexer application diagram


All client side interfaces are SFP based ensuring maximum flexibility.  Gigabit Singlemode, multimode or copper SFP's are accepted with no manufacturer restrictions as to whose SFP's can be utilised.  The trunk side is presented as a single SFP+ allowing placement of any 10Gbps SFP+ module again ensuring flexible connectivity options.

The FRM220-TM-10GMux can be utilised in a variety of scenarios.  Most simply as a way to maximise investment in fibre by combining multiple 1Gbps streams onto a single bearer whereas previously each stream may have occupied their own fibre.  Alternatively the mutliplexer can be used as a prelude to a C or DWDM system providing an efficient way to multiplex Ethernet streams together before they're present to the WDM network.

The FRM220-TM-10GMux is available in card format and occupies 2 slots in any of the various FRM220 chassis.  For standard 19" installation the multiplexer can be located in either the 20 or 8 slot chassis.  For a more compact stand alone application a 2 slot chassis is available.  Both housings can be monitored and configured through SNMP, Web GUI or Telnet by utilising the NMC management module.

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