Lanode launches PCIe 10 Gigabit Ethernet fibre Network Interface Card Optimized for Data centres with Connectivity Flexibility and Virtualization Support

10G PCI Card


Lanode Ltd, a leading provider of Cyber Security solutions, today released Transition Network's 10G Ethernet Fibre Network Card the N-TGE-SFP-02, a PCIe 3.0 card supporting faster transfer speeds of up to 8 Giga Transfers per second (GT/s)

Increased data and video traffic resulting from remote work and other factors during the COVID-19 pandemic has driven communication between data centres and the cloud to an all-time high. Overwhelming traffic affects available data centre bandwidth, but the 10 Gigabit NIC provides relief in several ways.

The NIC supports server virtualisation a process that uses software to consolidate data centre servers into the cloud. It also improves efficiency and load balancing through teaming. Teaming balances traffic across all installed NICs to increase bandwidth.

Government agencies will find the NIC an ideal choice for fibre to the desk (FTTD) applications. The open SFP slots support singlemode or multimode fibre, enabling a secure fibre connection to remote terminals at a greater distance and without electrical interference associated with transmission over copper cabling.

Featuring two SFP slots that can be used with Gigabit or 10Gig modules. Each port supports 10Gbps bandwidth capacity for up to 20Gbps full duplex to support high-end servers, data centre and cloud computing applications. The NIC fully complies with IEEE 802.3ae and IEEE 802.3z standards.

The 10 Gigabit NIC also offers advanced features like VLAN support, link aggregation, smart load balancing and failover. It is ideal for high speed data transfer applications supporting higher resolution surveillance images, streaming of video and multimedia content, and large file transfers. Its ability to provide secure transmission over fibre cabling also makes it a great addition to Lanode's range of 10G cards an converters for FTTD applications.

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