SoGEA test set addresses new demand for naked broadband

Argus153-SO SoGEA Tester

BT's withdrawal of analogue services means SoGEA will become the predominant method to deliver both voice and data over the copper network.

SoGEA is a BT Openreach product that delivers high speed broadband or dedicated Ethernet without a companion PSTN line. Additional voice services will be delivered 'over the top' via VoIP. Reliable SoGEA is paramount for communications providers who utilise BT infrastructure to provide their services.

Lanode, a 30 year veteran in the provision of line test and verification solutions, has teamed up with Intec, Europe's leading manufacturer of test equipment, to produce the UK's first dedicated SoGEA test set.

The Argus153-SO has been designed for carrier class qualification of BT Openreach's new single order products, SoGEA, SoGFast & SoTAP. These 3 new offerings are delivered via their respective technologies, VDSL, G.Fast, & ADSL. The Argus153-SO provides comprehensive testing for all these interfaces in single lightweight handheld unit.

Engineers can rapidly commission new services and reliably troubleshoot problems, increasing uptime and improve levels of customer satisfaction. The Argus153-SO not only provides verification of these copper technologies but also includes VoIP testing and IP throughput measurements. CP's can now test with confidence right up to the IP layer to ensure that their customers are receiving the Quality of Service they expect.

“By the end of 2025 BT will have switched off 28 million analogue lines. The uptake of these new single order products will increase dramatically as this occurs. A test set that can not only verify voice quality and data throughput but also qualify the stability of the underlying bearer will mean CP's and installers are able to confidently deploy and maintain their services.” says Ian Philip, Lanode's Technical Manager .

The Argus153-SO is part of the extensive Argus range of telecom test equipment.

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