Optical Pluggables and Transceivers

SFP SFP+ QSFP+ SFP28 QSFP28 OSFP Transceivers Optical Modules


Fixed or Tuneable CWDM & DWDM Wavelengths. Manufacturer specific coding - Cisco, Juniper, HP, Huawei, etc. All our SFP modules are fully compliant with Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) standards. This compliance ensures that all our optical modules work with any compatible networking equipment. 




100M/155M/1G SFPs

We stock a huge range of industry standard and manufacturer specific SFPs.  Bi-Directional SFPs can be used instead of a standard SFP as an easy way to free up fibre infrastructure.  Wave division SFPs may be used with passive multiplexors to gain even more bandwidth from limited infrastructure.

155M MM 2km CT
100/155Mbps SFP, MM, 1310nm, 2km
155M CWDM SM 40km
155Mbps CWDM SFPs, 40km. 1270nm - 1610nm
1G 10/100/1000BaseTx
10/100/1000BaseTx SFP Copper Transceiver
1G MM 550m
1000BaseSX SFP Transceiver, Multimode, DDM 550m
1G MM 550m CT
1000BaseSX SFP, MM, 850nm, 550m
1G MM 2km CT
1000BaseSX+ SFP, MM, 1310nm, 2km
1000BaseLX SFP, SM, 1310nm, 10km HP compatible
1G SM 20km
1000BaseLX SFP Transceiver, Singlemode, DDM 20km
1G SM 40km
1000BaseEX SFP Transceiver, Singlemode, DDM 40km
1G BiDi MM 300m
1G, Single Fibre 1000Base MM Bi-Di 300m
1G BiDi SM 10km
1G, 1000Base Single Fibre SM Bi-Di 10km

10G SFP+s

Enhanced small form factor pluggables, SFP+, are similar to standard SFPs, but cater for speeds up to 16Gbs.  Lanode stocks a wide variety of 10G SFP+s, both manufacturer specific and generic.

10G SM 10km
10GBaseLR SFP+, 1310nm, SM, 10km
SFP+ 10G SM 10km PD
10GBaseLR SFP+, 1310nm, SM, 10km Cisco/Juniper
TN-SFP-10G-xR Series
10GBase-X, SFP+ With DMI (LC) SFP Modules
CWDM MSA Compliant Multi-rate 1G/10GBase SFP+ Modules
MSA Compliant Multi-rate 1G/10GBase SFP+ Module

25/40G SFPs

40GBaseCSR4 QSFP+ Transceiver
TN-QSFP-40G Series
QSFP+ 40GBase-X With DMI