Optical Power Meter, VFL and RJ45 Tester


  • Compact (112 x 66 x 30mm)
  • Simultaneous display of mW/dBm
  • Universal connector accepts SC, ST and FC ferrules.
  • 800nm〜1700nm
  • RJ45 test
  • 1mW Visual Fault Locator
  • USB charging via supplied cable




The STD800A is a hand held optical power meter, visual fault locator and integrated RJ45 tester. Ideally suited to any optical network where an accurate reading of optical power or loss is required. Both absolute (mW and dBm) and relative (dB) measurements can be easily obtained at a variety of different wavelengths; 850, 980, 1300, 1310, 1490, 1550, 1625 and 1650nm. The visual fault locator uses a powerful 1mW red LED that can be used for fibre tracking and fault detection. The STD800A also incorporates a RJ45 tester that displays the pinout of the cable under test. The unit has a backlit LCD screen and an integrated white light torch to aid testing in low light conditions. Auto power off and USB charging make the STD800A the ideal choice for troubleshooting any optical network.








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STD800A Optical Power Meter with VFL and RJ45 tester

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