Counter-propagating Raman amplifier and hybrid Raman-EDFA in 1U platform



Raman amplifier designed for distributed amplification applications

  • Acts as terminal Raman amplifier and as inline hybrid Raman-EDFA.
  • Full remote monitoring.
  • Automatically shuts down the Raman in case of fibre interruption.
  • Integrates with PacketLight management platforms
  • Counter-propagating Raman amplifier with optionally embedded booster and preamp EDFAs in 1RU.
  • Detection of open connectors and/or broken fibre


The PL-1000R is designed for distributed Raman amplification applications, cost-effectively extending the optical link power budget and significantly improving OSNR(Optical Signal to Noise Ratio) for building long distance DWDM solutions. It provides amplification for a range of optical solutions and incorporates several configurations of Raman amplifier, including counter-propagating and hybrid Raman-EDFA.

Raman amplifier


The PL-1000R is fully managed, configured and monitored remotely as part of the network, via optical supervisory channel (OSC) or Inband (GCC). The Raman is controlled, adjusted and monitored by the user.

PacketLight’s NMS provides comprehensive visibility and control over network infrastructure, enabling administrators to ensure optimal network performance, security, and reliability. The NMS enables administrators to monitor the equipment on the network, track traffic, detect and resolve issues, and configure network devices remotely.


The Raman includes three eye safety mechanisms that shut down the unit in case of fiber link disruption, such as open connectors or broken fibre, even at a distance of a few tens of kilometers from the unit.


Data Sheet


Item Description
Optical Specifications - Raman

Wavelength Range: 1529-1565nm
Wavelength Range, OSC: 1500-1520nm
Input Power Range: -47dBm to -5dBm
Gain: 12dB
Maximum Pump Power: 550mW (2 pumps)
Average Gain (G.652 fiber): 12dB (typical for 2 pumps)
Operating Mode: Automatic power control (APC)
Gain Flatness: nn +/-0.6dB
Signal Insertion Loss: 2.9dB
Noise Figure: -1dB
PDG: 0.3dB
PMD: 0.6psec
Eye Safety: Automatic laser power reduction upon fibre cut or disconnection

Optical Specifications - Booster EDFA

Output Power: Up to 23dBm
Input Power: -24dBm up to 14.5dBm
Gain: 8dB to 22dB

Optical Specifications - PreAmp EDFA

Output Power: Up to 20dBm
Input Power: -36dBm up to -7dBm
Gain: 20dB

Network Management

Management Ports: nn RJ45 10/100MBase-T
2xSFP 100Base-X
RS-232 serial port
DB9 alarm port
 8xSFP 100Base-X MC ports
Protocols: SNMP, HTTP, HTTPS, Telnet, SSH, Syslog, RADIUS, SNTP
Management: Web browser over HTTP/HTTPS, PacketLight LIghtWatchTM EMS or third party EMS over SNMP, CLI over RS-
232 or CLI over Telnet/SSH
OAM: Input/output power monitoring event logger and alarms
Management Channel: Optical supervisory channel (OSC)
Visual Indicators: LED status indicators for ports, eye safety, power and system
Software Upgrade: Dual image, hitless swap

Monitored Parameters

Pump power: Signal power: Back-reflected power: Operating temperature

Power Supply

AC/DC: 90 to 246 VAC, 50/60 Hz, -36 to -60 VDC, 60W max
PSU Redundancy: Single/dual feeding, hot swappable
Cooling Unit: Hot swappable fan unit

Physical Dimensions

1.77” (H) x 17.32” (W) x 9.05” (D)
45mm (H) x 440mm (W) x 230mm (D)
Weight: 5.5kg / 12.1lb (max)
Mounting: 19”, ETSI and 23”


Operating Temperature: -5ºC to 50ºC (+23ºF to +122ºF) operational

Approvals & Standards

NEBS ready

Ordering Information

Order Code Description
PA-PL-1000R Counter-propagating Raman amplifier and hybrid Raman-EDFA in 1U platform

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