Canary Communications

Canary Communications LogoCanary Communications was founded in 1987 to design, develop, and produce innovative connectivity products, specializing in the Ethernet Local Area Network market. From the beginning, their goal has been to offer a complete line of high quality products at competitive prices with a high level of customer service.

With a focus on physical level Ethernet connectivity, Canary developed the first compact multi-AUI-port transceiver. Today, Canary offers a wide range of connectivity products, including transceivers, media converters, Ethernet switches and a strong emphasis on Data Diodes.

Gigabit Data Diode fibre in, fibre out
Gigabit Data Diode with fibre user ports and proxy support
Gigabit Data Diode, 2 channel with fibre user ports

July 2000, Canary Communications, Inc., achieves ISO 9001:1994 Certification as measured by TÜV ESSEN. In 2003, Canary successfully re-certified to the updated ISO 9001: 2000 Standard. Maintaining its focus, Canary Communications has seamlessly transitioned to the current ISO 9001: 2008 Standard as it has evolved.

Canary products are compliant with Ethernet IEEE 802.3, and other applicable network standards as described by the individual product specifications. All Canary products have received safety and EMI approvals for: UL, CE, CSA, TUV, FCC, and VDE.