SecureBox® SDS1101/2101 Device Server AES Encryption


  • Securely network-enable serial devices with 128-256 bit AES-certified encryption
  • Transparent communications – no need to develop special software
  • RS-232 DCE serial port pinned the same as modem for easy connection
  • 10/100 Ethernet Interface
  • Supported by Lantronix’s Secure Com Port Redirector software


The SecureBox SDS1101 offers the most secure way to add isolated electronic equipment to the IP/Ethernet network. With this capability, virtually any device with a serial port can be remotely accessed and controlled securely over the network or the Internet. This adds an unprecedented level of flexibility and efficiency to your business, and breathes new life into your existing equipment.

With the proliferation of information in today’s electronic world, businesses are more concerned than ever about network security and protecting data from unwanted intrusion as it is transferred over a network or the Internet. The SDS1101 single port and SDS2101 secure device servers feature the most robust security available on the market with a National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) certified implementation of 128-256 bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standards; Rijndael) as specified by FIPS-197 (Federal Information Processing Standards).

Serial tunneling.

The SDS1101 may be used in client-server pairs to establish a serial connection over a local, or wide area IP network.

RS232 over Ethernet
RS232/485 IP Tunnel


Virtual Com port.

The SDS1101 may also be used  to provide serial interfaces for an Ethernet host on a local, or wide area IP network when used with available device drivers.

Virtual Com port
Network attached serial port


Ordering Information

Order Code Description
SD1101002-11 Single Port Secure device server with AES Encryption, universal power supply
SD2101002-11 Dual Port Secure device server with AES Encryption, universal power supply
ACC-500-171-R Power input screw terminal adapter
ACDIN2001-01 DINrail kit FOR SDS2100

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