Acriss the spectrum of academia, Lanode have been providing cost-effective networking solutions since 1992, and in these extremely difficult financial times with budgets being continually scrutinesed across Education then working with a partner with a proven reputation for technical innovation and reliability is crucially important. Lanode understand the networking requirements in academia.


According to the latest Cisco Visual Networking Index European forecast by 2023 the average fixed broadband speed will be 123Mbps, an individual will have, on average, a total of 9.4 networked devices and the average mobile data speed will have increased to 62Mbps.

These increases place huge demands on datacentres and the infrastructure needed to service them.


There are characteristics unique to the transportation sector and we distribute a range of leading technology products to meet the needs of the sector.


According to the latest Cisco Visual Networking Index global forecast for 2015 - 2020, mobile data traffic will grow 8-fold, a compound annual growth rate of 53%;  mobile data traffic will reach 30.6 Exabytes per month by 2020 (the equivalent of 7,641 million DVDs each month), up from 3.7 Exabytes per month in 2015; mobile data traffic will reach an annual run rate of 366.8 Exabytes by 2020, up from 44.2 Exabytes in 2015 and mobile data traffic will grow 2 times faster than fixed IP traffic from


Lanode has a strong history of working with all 3 services and we're proud to provide ongoing support to a wide variety of operational systems.

Over the years have provided innovative solutions to complex networking problems, often involving the transmission of sensitive data.

We have a range of fibre optic equipment, commonly deployed in the red/black divide, including specialist fibre modems for analog voice, ISDN, X.21 & RS530, E1  as well as Ethernet.