TDM over IP – What is it and how can it benefit me?

TDM over IP example diagram

TDM or Time Division Multiplexing is a well established method of transmission that allows each device wishing to access the network a reoccurring 'slice' of time in which to do so. TDM networks and their connected devices are synchronous in nature and require their transmissions to be synchronised with a clock source. TDM networks can be inefficient as bandwidth is assigned even when no transmissions are occurring. Packet switched IP networks have now largely displaced TDM but there's still demand to offer TDM services and provide connectivity to legacy TDM equipment.

TDM over IP is a technology that allows legacy TDM devices to communicate over a modern packet switched IP network. These devices would likely have been connected together via leased lines like Megastream or Kilostream. Our PacketBand range emulate these leased lines, creating virtual Megastream or Kilostream circuits over an IP network. This provides a number of benefits, firstly they preserve the investment in TDM equipment and secondly by emulating the leased line across a corporate network no additional costs are incurred in providing a dedicated leased line.


Example application 1 – PBX trunk connectivity

Connecting together PBXs via E1 G.703 trunk interfaces – DPNSS, DASS2, QSIG, ISDN PRI

Historically Megastream was employed to connect PBX trunk interfaces. Packetband can replace Megastream by creating this trunk over an IP network whilst being totally transparent to the underlying protocol that the PBX's use.

Our Packetband range are simple to configure and are available with varying port densities.

4 Channel E1/T1 over Ethernet or IP
MEF 2.0 compliant NID with Circuit Emulation Services
E1/T1 CESoPSN 2RU chassis

Example application 2 – Serial over IP

Connecting legacy serial based devices that employ X21, RS530 or V35 interfaces can be achieved by using PacketBand. Data rates up to 2.048Mbps can be seamlessly transported over IP networks

PacketBand can be deployed to replace Kilostream services by creating a virtual serial leased line through an IP network.

E1/T1 & X.21, V.35 or RS530 over Ethernet/IP
E1/T1 CESoPSN 2RU chassis
4 Port hardened serial device server