T1/E1/J1 over Fibre Mux Media Converter


  • Managed T1/E1/J1 mux media converter module that provides a solution for those users that need to extend multipleT1/E1/J1 connections over fibre.
  • Includes (4) RJ-48 ports and (1) fibre port. The device is available in versions that support fixed fibre connectors as well as SFP fibre modules offering support for a variety of fibre types, distances, and wavelengths to provide maximum flexibility across a variety of network topologies.
  • CWDM SFPs can also be utilized to further increase the bandwidth capacity of the fibre infrastructure.
  • C6110 converter must be used in pairs.
  • A typical installation will include a modular card installed in a managed ION chassis linked over fibre to a stand-alone S6110 in a remote location.


Item Description

ANSI T1.102

T1.403 T1.408

ITU I.431

G.703 G.736 G.775 G.823

ETSI 300-166 ETSI 300-233

TBR 12/13

AT&T Pub 62411

Data Rate

Copper ports (RJ-48): T1(J1) = 1.544Mb/s,

E1 = 2.048Mb/s

SFP port(s) (empty): 100Base-X/OC-3

Switch settings

Line coding, line build out, loopback and AIS


Width: 1.72” [44 mm]

Depth: 6.5” [165 mm]

Height: 3.4” [86 mm]

Power Consumption

6 Watts (max: dual fibre model)

5.5 Watts (max: single fibre model)


Environment specs are dependent on the chassis choosen 

Operating: 0°C to 50°C

Humidity: 5% to 95% (non-condensing)

Altitude: 0 – 10,000 ft.


1 lb. [0.45 kg]


EN55022 Class A, EN55024, CE mark



Ordering Information

Order Code Description
TN-C6110-1014 1310nm single mode (SC) [20 km/12.4 mi.]to (4) RJ-48 (1.5 km/0.9 mi)..
TN-C6110-1040 1 SFP port (Empty) to (4) RJ-48 [1.5 km/0.9 mi.] (SFP port uses standard 100Base-x/oc-3 SFP)

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