External DC Power Supply


  • External power supplies allow you to provide a wide range of input voltages to power your stand-alone converters and chassis. Input voltages of 24 – 60 VDC and 24 – 42 VRMS allow for installation of any standalone media converters in most industrial, telecom and commercial applications, as well as HVAC and building controlled environments.
  • Multiple form factors allow flexibility to meet your application.
  • The stand-alone form factor can be used with all stand-alone media converters.
  • The piggy back form factor allows the power supply to attach directly to the converter and eliminate the power cable commonly found between the power supply and the converter.
  • Once the piggy back supply is attached to the converter, the combined assembly is much easier to wall mount or attach to DIN Rail environments than using a separate supply.


Item Description

Voltage: 12.25 VDC;Current: 1.0A
Load Regulation: ±5% at 10% load to full rated load
Noise and Ripple: ±40 mV peak-to-peak of output voltage


Voltage: 24 – 60 VDC; 24 – 42 VMRS
Efficiency: 80% (typical)

Isolation Voltage

(Dielectric withstand) Meets IEC 950 for one minute
1500 VAC: Output/Input;1500 VAC: Input/Safety GND;1500 VAC: Output/CASE


Over Load Protection (OLP): When the average power rating exceeds 125%-150% of maximum power, output voltages
reduced to a safe dissipation level; protects against short circuit of any output
No Load Protection: No damage to power supply when operating at no load Transient Protection: No voltage spike at power-on, power-off, or power failure


Width: 3.75” [95 mm];Depth: 3.1” [79 mm];Height: 1" [25 mm]
Width: 4.5” [114 mm];Depth: 3.4” [86 mm];Height: 1" [25 mm]

Power Consumption

3 Watts (max) @ 24 VDC input, 12.25 VDC output


Operating: -20°C to 65°C
Storage: -40°C to 85°C
Humidity: 5% to 95%
Altitude: 0 – 10,000 ft.


Greater than 250,000 hours with typical load Operating at 25°C temperature (calculated according to MIL-HDBK-217E)


CISPR/EN55022, Class A, FCC Class A



Ordering Information

Order Code Description
TN-SPS-2460-PS Piggy-Back for use with stand-alone media converters 3.25” wide
TN-SPS-2460-SA Stand-Alone For use with all stand-alone media converters

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